Never Grow Old

When I was young, I drank so much soda at work, I lost a lower left molar. I still have the flaw and look like a weirdo when I cock my jaw. We all have flaws, which follow us neath even the light of perfection. For just to observe perfection is to ask, "how perfect?". We ask time and again, "how much does God love me?", but we all know the truth. The problem becomes the dissatisfaction of not sensing the Lord's blessing right now, rather than in his time; this is where we sin. We have the nerve to think of IOUO, up in heaven, keeping tabs on every little wrong we do; HE cannot be up there. If he commanded us to forgive and forget 7 times 70, wouldn't it make sense that HE, the Almighty lived by that rule? He does! You are the One who forgives ...but how perfect were you at first, or when the next time comes? Iouo has already forgiven every wrong I have committed, now and in the future, no conditions! He will always be there and I will never assume there is a place too far from him. Should I assume he'll forgive anything, because a person wants forgiveness, rather than punishment? Yes! In such instances, many people find favor and live surrendered to the merciful will of the One; the Law!

Still there are those unfruitful, simply because they never wanted to be understood or make any restitution for their mistakes in life. And yet, if none will hear their penance, Iouo does; HE is the Law and the Judge! We should not see relationships with HIM to be anything more than the human experience! For if a person seeks what is right and conducts himself with kindness toward others, he is afforded dignity and acknowledged publicly, even times documented into a continuing record, bearing his willingness to live a moral, productive and fruitful life. In fact, they who are pursuing such things, even by no name at all, these still pursue the Divine with a fullness, better than the evil, religiously fashioned lemmings in the House Of God. For as much truth as there is in religion, ever is it twisted to lies, damaging all, that all may assess the truth in the end. We the human race are more One than we could ever know, being one with Earth! We know we are lied to, but the white lie of a giant takes down a nation; thus I stand poised before the Rule Of Law!

Those who think of Law as a boring matter or a thing of outdated interests, understand not. They think law will be gone someday and they'll float around on a cloud with Jesus. But if they floated not the clouds in life, they'll not float them in Hell. For that is the Restful Haven they acheive to, as their spirits are reconditioned in God, to be reborn at a later time; and embrace this Key Of Life. It has always been available to the Stars Of Heaven! Before we were rationing human beings, we were pure sentient beings, obedient to Law, the Supreme Star & Sentient Source of all that lives, breathes and thrives. As children in our pure innocence, we were naturally obedient to the pure light of reason, we have only forgotten; how much more were we pure, pre mortally? It is who we really are beneath the distortions of what we ALL know to be the real truth. For even the lowest of sinners, who denies the child within, remembers the light of hope, extended by his teachers; even those who gave him life and those who taught him to appreciate it. Iouo forgives him and everyone, but we cannot be forgiven openly, until we forgive all. We will not be excused, until we excuse all else. Mercy IS Causeless and full of infinite acceptance and patience!