False Christians

Never to say what a person worships is wrong, but rather the actions they seem to feel necessary in the name of their Avatar, prophet or god. These false christians, who are so jealous by their own lack of knowledge and utter disdain for the High & Almighty Wisdom, do scowl at women, wish them ill, ensuring them danger and imprisonments. Jesus Christ Himself taught us to love one another. We'd like to think this means only believers, but it doesn't. Zoroaster instructs us to love National Unity and show reverence towards the spirituality of all; seeing it is surely God who gives them their own blessed station before Him. Those who hate other religions hate God. Now if you don't know about Zoroaster, then you have been listening to men who would have you believe that God only speaks to one people, by one book, leaving all the rest to hell, everlasting misery and punishment. I guess if they told you to go jump off the empire state building or attack the US Capitol, maybe you'd do that too. Learn to love knowledge, before it's too late.

Believers don't like admitting they're human; where we learn and grow, respect the views of others, walk in the Way as WE know it, and find the dignity we deserve as individual Children Of Light. To sit down and eat with people who deny as such degrades oneself. No one respects the views of other people here in America, because they're Christians who have stopped short teaching their flocks the higher knowledge; where small children put on the Key Of Life, put off flesh to never turn away from the Garden Of Life. They will make food, clothing, the necessities of life from the Garden alone. Technologies of the future, will come into one Cause Of Humanity, not "MANKIND". For the Shepherds have stopped short, blinding the Children in the name of God, or Gadriel, as foretold by Enoch. Generating Mankind is a sin according to Enoch, who renounced the verifying of spiritual growth with written documents. Truth comes from within and it is God who speaks, revealing truth necessary to satisfy the need for uprightness in the hearts of humanity.

When the angels fell from heaven, we were left to fend for ourselves spiritually. They guided us here in America for a short time, then left us on auto-pilot, denying us the truth of things; archons with their deceptions, by the scriptures we think of as inspired. How we could ever think such things! We all saw the religions, with their little written testimonies, which testimonies "all the world have fallen from and are in such desperate need of". These, they are the Greatest Of Men! The one who has ears, keep listening. They all blindly accept their own narrowed views of the Way and believe lying men, forbidding them the Wisdom found in Libraries all over the world. It's why Africa thrives, while white demons tell lies about them and the histories of Mauritania, what IS Atlantis! Now that knowledge has prevailed, the sinners of this world will die, leaving us the Key Of Life, freeing us from sin and shame, so there is never impurity in Earth again; ever! We will live on and on, by the Key Of Life, given us by Thoth, the Ancient Of Days. I am sharing it here now, in the Garden Of Life, just as foretold by Enoch.