I Am The Ruler Of The Earth

He who speaks the True Message Of Iouo, rules the Earth. He is sent from above as none else will hear the word or admit it is subverted before the Almighty. Instead they band "mankind" together in a lie against Gadriel and his children. Now all are his children and that can never be undone, ever! He has appeared as the very least, but for the ears of the carnal and lovers of this world. One might accept that the governments of the world are corrupt and continue seeking acceptance and approval from as many as will give them power. We can't empower people because we like them; but rather we must shun irresponsible world leadership, having seen it time and again, brandish power as a means of enrichment to the few, rather than the bounty of Earth for all. This is because they love to slaughter animals and disobey the exact advice of the Nazarene, whom they claim to worship, but they do not worship him. Those who break away from the horrific lies of the cross and breach the veil of Wisdom; these may find the way to life eternal. I advise NOT the Key Of Death, but only of Life. For what have I of death, but the faded things, which will be remembered by all! Like the appearance of Pigeradamis; for they who sheilded and preserved the Word, it was only by the miracle of God, may the Chosen One have ever obtained the Key Of Life, for they who protected it, to be revealed, do conceal it still from the very "sheep" of their own fold.

And there is only One Ewe who has pleased the LORD; Ewelena! She alone protected the Chosen One when his family wished him dead, when they called him a homosexual and infidel to his children. While they became wicked and hated him, Eve loved Paul. They who come to serve that Son Of Humanity; they are the meek who inherit Earth, while the lot else of men fall into the mire of lies, left out of memory. But even they are to be born again, at an unseeming time and be saved from this age that consumed them; God will be merciful to them and to all. Those who shorten down wisdom and Knowledge, seeking to take up power over a People; these are the worst kind of human beings. They are going to be corrected by God, for the Shepherds deceived the Nations and Iouo has NOT forgotten! He will punish the Wicked in their beds, as they pay the price for their adulteries and luxuries before the One Strong & Mighty! I have come to take their lampstands, forever; it's why they cry, "Satan, the evil one". I Am Michael, their Judge!

There is only One Desire Of Nations; his name is Iouo! They who cannot understand that he is Adonai, cannot understand that he is born in the end, to take up the Crown Of Life and reveal himself as Pigeradamis; proving himself Osiris The Scribe, Ani. For men seek to struggle against the Word Of Truth, defying scriptural Canon and fashioning "bibles" after their own likings and convictions, to make men serve them and die in their pitiful excuses for religions. They are death cults, nothing less. God Almighty promised the Key Of Life and has now delivered, without reservation, without need for publication or distinction. For if a Child Of Iouel will align their bed to the north and continue praising IOUEL, the Holy Spirit Of God and Mother Of All The Living; these shall have life everlasting, with love unending!