Let The Initiates Come Forth

Let The Initiates come forth, bearing the Word concealed, showing it to be corrupt behind the veil, as well as in front of it. We are called to reach out to this world, through the veil of night. He is behind the veil, who chooses to understand root knowledge; for there is no veil, but knowledge. Now there are roots and there are roots, like the Holy Truth of the name IOUEL. She loved The LORD first; He is Iouo! While I may call out to a variation of this Highest Name, that variable is to deceive Humanity from Iouel; or Imanuel! The Way is simple; the Earth is upright forever and We must unite with her. For out of her were we formed and to her have we been returned. Yet TODAY is the day of the Chosen One; death is no more!

We must put on the Key Of Life, that we might prolong our days, for the Whole Of Humanity; accepting that life has it's many joys and that we should pursue them forever. Let the Androgynous freely pursue his way, as Iouo is always with him. Meanwhile it is the worldly way in which the wicked enjoy life, what brings man's end again and again. Setting themselves apart sensual, they take ALL and care not for their fellow man, leaving the rest of humanity to care for one another, never allowing them any REAL, or lasting happiness. For if we know God, we know he has made promises to us. One of those promises is eternal life, here on Earth, in His Garden where plants are made into meat for us, by the command of the Narzarene, as well as by the fortelling of Isaiah, The Prophet! Seems like quite a bold stance to assert, when we see man speaking only of the Formless.

Yet assurance of eternal life lies within the promised Key Of Life; the Formless Message! Never did the Seer say, 'the scriptures' revealed him anything; rather the Burden of the Word Of Iouo, Ruler Of Israel, revealed the Law Anew! And it is most new forever! Seek not to put this New Wine into old wineskins, for it is clear in the opening of the books; revelation correcting guardian and symbol alike, determining exact context of Presbytery, confirming the concise Promise And Name Of God! We honor Angel Of Destiny, Gadriel. (Gabriel) They knew not, that Iouo hid His Name from them, as he hid himself from the Light Of Days & the Head! For He is seated in the place of shame and accusation, where the more is to fear of being judged for they than for any. Thus those faithful to the promises of God, will be given eternal life, even that of the body. Thus as long as Earth exists, which is forever, mayest thou holdest Thy Form! (as Thoth might well have phrased it)

Yes, if we put on this Key, Emerald Tablet Thirteen, we learn the key to restoring our poles, wherein the life force itself is contained. For we are stars, with poles, balancing us and containing life between the two places of polarity in our bodies. If I am reclined for about an hour, with my head pointed north, I will regenerate the lifeforce within me, replenishing the flesh of my body, to a state of newness before the Creator. For It is HE who delivered us and it is he who is with us; the Almighty is faithful to keep his promises. They who hold not the Word, whereby Revelation comes forth NOW, these do  not walk with the LORD in full. There is an Unction, whereby the Word, born in the mind is followed from within. He discovers he is one with the Light and ascends before ever dying; yet be sure, still he seeks!

By repetition, the student of the Beast puts on his understanding of the Word, never made aware that the Word is living within him, a vibrant continuity of truth and revealtion, such as coincides with all other truth. What is revelation? It is the Word Of Iouo, the ONLY Ruler Of Israel now and forever! For HE rules all the nations, guarding, protecting, enlightening and saving to the utmost! One must choose IOUEL, knowing full well, the order exchanged Her Name for EVIL, to glorify NOT the Chosen One! Instead they craft this false version of the Nazarene, to cause the spirits of the giants to be worshiped as Almighty God. For while MAN is God, he has the responsibility to love truth and share it with Humanity. Instead of doing this, he relishes in himself and rewards himself, only!

The Truth is what Jesus promised, that as according to the Book Of Enoch, the Chosen One will appear inside that enclosure of mountains, west at the ends of the Earth. There will He bear the Key Of Life and they shall lie down with that son of man forever and ever. For within the heart of the Chosen One, lie the souls of those who will live on with him, leading the entire human race to the exaltation forever and ever. While the LORD has allowed the variations of the Truth, it is only for his name sake. There is only One Creator, all others create within the destiny of His Cause, to bring about the Gift Of Life, which is spritual joy! For when the eras were formed in front of IOUEL, they praised Her! They had come to life because of Her and She had come to life, because of The Supreme Virgin Spirit!