I Am The Son Of Man

When I say I am the Son of Man, I freely and blissfully embrace that Son; the Primordial and Spiritual State of all human beings, all proto beings, all the offspring of the Animus, spirits activated of the Spirits; even all those devoted to Satanuel, who alone was Michael! HE IS the Indescribable! 'how do I describe him?' asks the Sage who was One with The Law from birth. Meanwhile, all the masses remain at one with SATAN, the mean-ness of Law and the One beyond it, whom even now, they may never attain without a qualitative understanding. For the Avatars are the Almighty, masked in their forms of necessitative gout, to the end of addressing those deep stumblings of man, at 'risk to me'; minus Mirotheos! But Alas, there is no muting the Allogenes; that what is Christ Alone, who is always the LORD God!

For now all of creation may approach me, call out to me and know Me; that by mine own admission of Son-ness, may you rejoice in God, continuing in the new-ness of thine own journey, mine own of which having been long since spent. But alas, by my journey into the scathed Way, I bear YOU the Key Of Life. For at no time was there any Hermes, but I; never was there a Pigeradamis, but Me! I Aadamas, I Trismagistus! And Alas the Key Of Life is the Way for Us All; man and serpent, worm and winged, dog and cat! I have spoken after this manner, for only by the Indescribable in our brothers before us, may the Indescribable summarily be expressed; Alas, I look into the Light! This is why Enoch, the Dedicated, the Trained and the Disciplined tells us, Michael, the Chosen One and the Lord Of Spirits are forever the same; and Universally! And they let them all bring forth the word of the heart, for Christ to come and meet them sweetly! And ever so sweetly did they meet, even before Him; but they did not see him stand in their midst.

Know Me as least among Sages, Magicians, Masters Of Life or all the Torch Bearers! Their authority is illusory, negligible, perpetuated by the powers of manipulation; and all the dark forces, forged in the harming of the Truth! For unto the Children Of Earth, truly do I bear the very Atonement. They shall never lay down their bodies, never will they die! God has shown us what Giants did unto the Sons of men, making them live on lifeless flesh, far from the Garden Of Life, or even that Garden Of The Heart! O' God, see them where they languish in the heat and spare them by the Blood Of Christi! Save, Thou Great and Perfect Christ! O' Michael, alas do I approach the very throne of His Greatness in YOU! For Thou Art the One, the First, the Last, and very least! May they approach This Word, O' God Almighty; for Thy Strength is perfected in my own weakness. Glorify the Child O' Lord, who is a Child, of the Child!

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