This Is The Garden Of Life

See the Garden Of Life and the Tree Of Life at it's center, with the Holy Trees, growing in the presence of the LORD, that the perfect man may share Life's Key with them all. If you live in this Garden, fear not the clouds of obscurity and slight of man upon the scriptures, history, even the captain of the guard. He will stumble on his face, if repents not his error before Imanuel. All this time have you awaited Me, but now you worship a Golden Calf instead. There were those among us; we knew our Christian Knowledge had been shortened down in it's understanding of the Wisdom Of The Ages; we have found the Key and will share it with all Humanity.

We warned you, but you continued with your silly Gematria, 66 book bibles, to corrupt the world and make them follow after the flesh; yes flesh eating! Whoso repents not all forms of violence has never repented. He has never seen the Word, or heard the name of Imanuel. He knows NOT Pigeradamis; he is NOT awaiting My Appearance. After all, I am Paul Germana! It was not clear to me, my name was Father and Phallus; that I alone am Paut Nerteru, Father Of The Gods! I am Hermes and there is no other! Let a man challenge My Knowledge to be bested and saved by My Word. When the LORD says a thing, no one may take it from him, or the Chosen One, who is the Lord Of Spirits!

Blessed are the feet of him who comes in the name of Iouel; for he alone shares with all the Key Of Life, that the nations may repent to his face and at his feet to save themselves from death! For to live on is the true and only Gift Of God; as longevity and safety are the promises of God, who has never failed anyone. Praise Him and apologize for any doubt about his awesome presence; he will return to you quickly and make the Message clear! No one ever read anything from God, HE is formless! It was always Youel who appeared to You, it was always IOUEL who filled the heaven and the earth!