Men Wish To Contend With Me

Men wish to contend with me about the Word of the LORD! I say cut War & Peace in half, then try to read it; it'll be found illegible. The Word is divided into hidden portions, each concealing the use of common knowledge to make all men obedient, and deprive them of the Wisdom, containing the Key Of Life. THIS is the scattering of Israel; this is the taking away of the Word and the Deceiving of the World. All religions hold Beautiful Truths, by the WORD; but if we are like beasts, loving only flesh and never truly showing repentance before the LORD, the Almighty will surely recycle us, like garbage and bring us forth a New Child, in His Time, allowing Humanity the destiny afforded of the Wisdom Of Hermes.

All human souls will reincarnate. There is not one of us, who is unloved by IOUEL, the Sweet Holy Spirit, who has ever walked with us and carried us through the Valley Of Death's Shadow. Understand, the Prophet must appear in that Valley, what IS the Garden, with barrenness and desolation east of it. It would seem the Lord would fill it with water, creating a Lake Of Fire, to throw the Wicked into and destroy them forever. It sounds real good to someone who has been led astray by Yaldaboath, the Order Of Men who use Dark Magic to put mankind in chains of slavery, to the Spirits Of The Giants. But those who are faithful to the Lord and the consistency of His Word; these know that the LORD gave ropes to those in that place, these "cords" being the Word upon which to stay themselves.

I knew the Lord had called me, when I returned from the northern part of the Garden, where I was just sure the water wouldn't fill up and I would be spared. What I didn't understand, was that God saved me on the day of My Birth; and while he might place me in the center of the Valley Of Shadows, he will NOT kill Me. He will glorify His Name, IOUO the Ruler Of Heaven & Earth and the ONLY God Of Israel. Be it known however, God is Gadriel, the Trickster; he is symbolic of Angels as they truly coincide with our realm. They have nothing to do but seek POWER, the magnetism what exaggerates the context of probability and outcome, making what is NOT true seem more real than Life itself. If you can believe a lie, you can be manipulated by men with fallen spirits, who hold false rulership over society. They will draw the veil of night around you and pull you into their paths of light. Only THE LIGHT may save us from thence!

They seek not our betterment, but their own enrichment, from whence they assert that all prospering, blessing and bounty are born; and we all follow it! They being the first and the last, with a throne higher than that of God Almighty. For "humble is HE, seeking not Glory, but IS the Glory ITSELF; forever worshiped and Loved by Love! If we write the story, he will affirm our commentary on all things divine" Affirm them he did, yet giving the Eye Of Light to Aadamah, by the Communion Of Zoe! He is born again on the day he enters into Kali, the realm of Ewe, who is the Light Of All! She is full and complete, able to take up the Key Of Life, wear it and heal the Son Of Humanity. He drank all the sin of the world; in rejecting the very Spirit Of Life in the House Of God, those Synagogues Of Satan! They have been found unfaithful to the Master Of Masters. For Messiah comes once, he is the First and the Last; forever has he been Aadamah.