Love Your Neigbor As Though He Were You

Love your neigbor, as though he were YOU. Those who have NOT love, have not Iou, the true Lord Of Israel. (Strongs Heb Conc. #3050) His is the name that cannot be uttered, and the Song exuding from the hearts of the meek and chaste. I praise Hymn night and day, knowing he is formless, that the Formless put on Creation for the Eternal Sun, Iouel the Virgin Spirit! I have no memory of any knowing, but what men know; albeit was I filled with the spirit of God to the point of overflowing, and unto limbo. This is because the Word was disobeyed. Flesh is being eaten by people, who are completely unaware that they cannot be pure. They cannot walk with the LORD in full, for one who will not renounce flesh is not of the Way. They may have a form of godliness, but not coming unto the Path Of Propriety and NOT finding regeneration unto life eternal! Yet the aspirant who seeks Truth, will find it by sincerity. He will find it by faith and a willingness to grow spiritually, world without end.

One who has life eternal, may leave the body and take all of his memories with him, reliving the memories of passed lives, which way can be no more. For one is one, not many, not divided. Thus, may he live on as long as Earth does. One sees the One in his day to day, but is rather uncertain as to where the Self begins and where it ends. He is obliged to trust and live by faith. For as if the truth were hidden, yet plainly in the open, it can be difficult for a person with no footing, or a footing not sound. While such a person may live in monetary failure and anguish, he also is of the Knowing, like all humans. God is with us all in life. We accept him and his Way, knowing we are called to do good. Such is the image of His Providence.

Such is the true relationship to God in all things. He Iouo, having made an everlasting agreement with all creation, that the fruit of the vine would be for food and that plants would be meat for us. It is unto us humans and everything that creeps on the earth. God is LOVE, (IOUEL) living in the hearts of all creatures, each being a star, with poles, balance and Light to show the Way. All creatures share in this spiritual journey. Animals are exactly like us, in that life is a mystery and they must sweat it out, learn from their mistakes and seek happiness. It is we who have taught all creatures to love flesh; and we who have created these very impressive and deadly creatures, we now seek to evade; yet to capture, as if some enemy. 

The Holy Spirit created first, bringing Yaldabaoth, who revelled in himself, knowing his Mother to be the Spirit, having no idea about the Source, who is Iouo. He is ALL in All and must be worshiped as such. He ever evades us by his power of blessing, proving to be the only Osiris; Omnipotent, Omni-Present and Omniscient! He does NOT fail; as long as humans seek to do well to others and walk by faith, without doing unnecessary harm, they may live in veritable joy. Albeit, the Law will require of them, the token of truth. They will offer only blood, for by faith did they find it; and by faith must they define Hymn who found them. He is Formless! They resist this knowledge, refusing to pursue it any further, having been told that the IDOL is GOD and that none may have LIFE without IT!

The Knowing can be overwhelming, but it is no different than any other context. It flows bringing light to the mind of the Wise and the Aspirant alike. God loves the simple and rejoices in the meek, who seek only to understand him and find Life's Key. Those who put NOT the Word first, but treasure, limit man in knowing, by deception and aggression. Thus man is forced to aspire to things unclear; and worldliness with for to contend endlessly, til Iou reveals himself to the World. These seek to force a way, not given by the LORD, though the LORD be with the churches, they must choose to leave the Whore and follow the Word, who identified the wrong in the first place. It is the Conscience, it is the LIGHT!