Continuing The Revelation

The reason I just keep posting, became clear to me as I started to gain momentum in creating more content on this website. I knew, that as a minister I had been called out; not to some pseudo science, but to the truth as promised by the One, the True Creator of the Earth & Sky! One connotes heaven, merely to express the Spiritual Sky encasing us in the Safety Of Creation, but what seems also to be gained in the after life. The same having been the Haven Of Grace to ancient believers, knowing that they went into the heart of the Earth, to come forth at the time of fate's choosing! For fate faileth not, even for a moment; for it is the matter of Providence and the Authorship of it's Heralder! When fate is finished with her discourse, sinners will be put away, no more to change what Imanuel has said! Imanuel came time and again; now once for all MEN, by holding the very Message Of The Four Winds; the Cross Of Men! The deceptive merciless spirits, perish!

For he who truly heralds the LORD with pen and ink, destroys the message, knowing his help comes from the Creator Of Earth, who cannot be circumnavigated. He will never seek to prove his writing anymore important than the writings given the babes of humanity. This is why I am giving the Key Of Life to the babes, that we may all discuss the matter together, now and forevermore! There is One Creator, IOUO, father of Imanuel; His demands are based on the pure necessity of faith on our part. 'We' is always the Formless & the All. For only when one stands before you and converses with you, is he NOT the Formless. Thus, seek ever the Fellowship and never, ever believe that IOUO will end His Great Work! We will live on forever, as all learn to hold firm their balance, before Endless Mercy!

Even when one sits before you and conversing, he is veritably formed in seeming, for he will change again and again, proving he was never any of these things, but the Word describing them out from the Heart and into the Ether, where all may clearly hear! If I am given to the Spirit Of Life, without diminishing the continued relishing of Gnosis, I must choose to finally be balanced, or forever forced to fasting, resisting sex life, renouncing earthly possessions, so as to not be tempted of the Divine Feminine, who has only asked of me, "Be a man!". She is the holy Spirit; and I am Her Child, just like YOU. You are who you are, while behind the J is Iou hidden and usurped of His Station before IOUO! And yet, Eve lacks NOTHING; She is the Child Of The Light! She gives the Chosen One his identity, then shows him to the world! HA! He has taken up Christ's Key Of Life!

For tossed was he upon the waves of misery's ocean, destined to absorb the darkness not of night, but the blackness of all misgivings and willful presumptions! And yet all the while was the Mind Of Atman absorbed into the love of Krsna Vasudeva, Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Jesus Christ, Vyasadeva, ALL the Gods and IOUEL, the Mother Of All Humanity; Earth's Very Heart! She is known as the Haven Of Grace, where they posited the Hearts Of The Ancestors, in the very hope that the Lord Of Israel, would fulfil His Promise, bring them forth at the most choice time; and let them receive of the everlasting promise, without dimunition of the contribution of All Canon! Whoso continues forcing dogmas, doctrines and isolated "books" will stumble, to receive NOT the Promise; until a later time, when all sin is washed away and Iouo saves that Great Crowd Of Witnesses!

Thus mentioning Earth & Sky, a New Heaven & Earth means the promised endowment of the Wisdom, which I bring unto Humanity now, as promised by Enoch. Certainly not to brag, I am nothing, a man, like Jesus, Gatauma, Krishna, Mahatma, Enki or even Michael, who is Old Satanuel, or Mirotheos, Me. I am Lucifer the Lightbearer; Satan. Because the Angels Of IOUO hold such great responsibity and are able to make men great like gods, it is important to clarify the very Laws tantamount to the truth, which are subjective in conjunction to the Infinite Law; what Law is immutable, imperishable, holding all things in place, never failing in the culmination of the unfoldment of the Creation we see, hear, smell, taste and seek out as the very Highest Goal! Worship of the Almighty and the Key Of Life is all in Us All. Any who struggle surrender not to the Grace Of Light!