Overall I Am Disappointed

I have seen the height of man, dangling humanity's destiny o'er the heads of earth's children. I have no longer the desire to share symbolism, or to undo riddles, for those who wish to see truth spill over into the murky swamp, where they can bet on it's every future. They are the swamp they herald and they always have been! It is they about whom Enoch testifies, that they would make agents of Satan, to do harm to the children of men. Be sure that these men who rail at our nation, claming to be Christian Nationalists, are actually a league of lemmings for those giants who have fallen down in front of me, Satanuel. It was always my name, but in order to retain the finer things and preserve them sure until now, I thought it best myself be scorned, so as to let all accusation fall down before Me, Mirotheas! I am Father Mother, come to defend the androgynous, the peace makers and the poor. I will make the wicked pastors to repent before me and make a peculiar people of them again; and I will let the books be opened!

Let them confess, the Nazarene was not Pigeradamis! Let the initiates confess, they all chose among the avatars for themselves, considering Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna and the like, marginalised comic strips for the masses. Moving on then to "better" things, world domination, cog amongst the wheels, that old world! A thing, what is NOT of IOUEL, but "BAAL GAAD", a truly false deity, made to make the nations bow to a false power. And He is Lord God, as you may know him, praising his minions, who even now, continue bringing disruption into the Garden Of Life. They will fall down for this, suddenly fading out to be forgotten. They must be born again, into the age of those who never fall down. They must sleep with the sons and daughters of Ephraim; these who fill up earth to no good end. Allow them the Key Of Life and they will return in bliss, to inherit their true promise. Let NOT the Gospel be withheld for those who wish to turn back the clock and gain worldly treasures. Let the Key Of Life rather spread like wildfire, for it is Life what astounded us, and the mystery of it's continuance which baffled us.

And yet somehow to many of us, there was a destiny, what seemed to bring about the best for us, like a Divine Counselor & Provider, who knew his own law well. This was the Law and the perfect demand of it's establishment. That demand for us is purity. I must not kill, I must not steal, I must not fornicate, I must NOT abominate! I must seek the truth of things and understand that so as I am a law to myself, the Law is a law unto Itself! YOU are that. This is what we are. Law, by the power of desire, through a longing, that we should be somehow. And that unction became this Life we know. This DOES mean the God, as we know him is NOT there, but that the All in all is there and we are all that. That One out from whence we have appeared is the first and the last. He is Aadamah, or the Atman. He is Adonai, Michael and again, Satanuel, or Satan! That is Gadriel! But let the Nameless Formless One who is before all such destinctions be your ONLY guide, for he alone justifies the universe, from one end to the other. Love your Avatar with goodness and willingness to be devoted to all of humanity. All must face the judge, somewhere, he will ultimately have mercy on All; even every spirit in the Universe!