Let Them All Know

I will NOT stop doing this; exposing the liars who made us to worship idols and every fleshly desire, to hold shame as an option in the Mind of this fleeting world; that we might join their death cults, to be buried with their "Christs", never seeing the end of the Word or the Key Of Life. Those who follow 66 books or 73, whatever the Catholic promotes; these have denied the very books that shaped their religion. Denying more and more books, so as to make Wisdom commit adultery, this is a sin. Telling people that God enshrines his truth in One book. They worship the book, the flesh and all the worldly things the vile and carniviorous seek to force on us, the children of light.

Let them know that God is transcendant and it's just US here. There is nothing to stop evil from prevailing but the angels of our own better nature. We can't think of anything as superior to us, for fearfully were we made, thus those claming Creatorship are fallen spirits. In this fallen state we should understand that doing right is Our God, Our Conscience and our very lives! When the love of money prevails in Earth, it is NOT because the right has prevailed. When a nation brags of vanquishing all her enemies, she is a whore before God Almighty; teaching us that sexual propriety is preeminant over the pursuit of happiness; this because they made slaves of us, so they could enjoy the same benefits of the slavery they always loved.

Slavery is a secret, because it is wrong in front of nature and truth; let the lowercase be that Child most precious to The Upper; and understand that our consciousness needs intelligence, knowledge and Wisdom to embody Us with the feelings of God's Glory, who was faithful to all; for while we were yet sinners, Wisdom shone in the Holy Of Holies! That true place of consciousness where we acknowledge a superior force, which conveys the matters of the heart and shines light on the solution for every human. Hope Itself is God in us; let the lowercase be Capitalised, to show the benefit of wisdom alone and the renunciation of the things of this world. All is for the sake of the holy silence of human meditation before the Infinite All.

The All what cannot be seen, tasted, smelled or sought after in this physical reality, is the very reason for faith, what is thus the very power of hope. When I decide life IS worth living and that my fellow man IS worth seeking out for fellowship, I follow in the humble footsteps of Humanity. Let thus the veil be lift up, that men may see what they have paid you to hide from them and Me. Having placed the Atman into this form for the puposes of torture and humiliation of Atum; He Adama, He the very Self in man, making men Gods, by faith and hope in their own betterment and ultimate exaltation. All that is born is forced to die, while all that die must be born later. This is all born again ever meant; for those who love not knowledge and humanity.

They never read the Essene Gospel Of Peace, where Jesus mercifully healed the lepers and the ill adjusted gluttonous sinners of the day; notifying them they must die and be born again later. They thought not to pursue knowledge and the many colleges and libraries around the world, showing them all the Wisdom they could ever pursure. The same people attacking the Critical Race Theory, had the spirits of the Giants, who destroyed the Library Of Alexandria. They concealed the history of a world FAR MORE advanced than ourselves. A world seeded by and ruled over by it's serpentine oppressors again and again. Those who don't believe in the Annunaki, need to read the Emerald Tablets Of Thoth The Atlantean.