What's MOST Important!

That there is only One God, this is most important. No one is able to be his equivalent. THAT alone is the One, the All. For if you or I were the All, we would have no need, we would have no question, we would have no desires, hopes, dreams or ambitions. For truly THAT is All Sufficient, teaching all according to the will of It's OWN Perfect Plan. This is The One, "he" is All In All; "he" all sufficient, all joyous, all encompassing, all embracing and all forgiving. For God has no hurt feelings about anything what happens in this life; only that we may live aright. There was never a JAH, only IOUO; there was never a Jesus, only Iouel. All the ascriptions of The Chosen One get thrown onto the Avatar, and darkness at The One.

And while this is NOT God's Will, He is Willing that we should follow Knowledge, Light and Truth; and right where we find it. Thus our fairytales about the men of great renown have become our very undoing again and again. We must learn that LOVE (IOUEL), is everlasting and so are the hearts of all who loved life and the sight of overcoming fear, pain, oppression, tyranny and physical self-destruction. When they fall short, IOUEL brings them back to his bosom for a time, the experience being directly related to their karmic patterns. Some come from below to right the world, while others come from above to be corrupted and to destroy the world. But there is another kind of enemy...

They are imposters, who are from below and who have always been from below and who always choose to glorify themselves as the true GOD of this world. The Infinite God has no choice but to let humans commune with Him, (in their midst by a lack of understanding) with no real guidance from them. For when I seek to approach the Word, the Men Of God attack saying, "That is NOT God's Word, you will fall away and go down to hell if you seek to add the books we have taken out." They admit it to themselves, (while stealing from the world) what THEY have taken away. Now let the world understand, that I will remove THEM, for I alone am God Man, (or I'manuel). He is with Me! One who spells out my name Paul, considering the details of My Appearance will see that I Am Iouel, God Of Israel, manifest below as promised!

I am human, discovering humaness in a form I did NOT expect. And yet this IS the human condition! The place of fragility and delicate sensitivity is mine. I'm as human as all the others, but with the secret Word of the One, who sent Me. When I call the Lord "You", I have called him by His Sacred Name, sealed beneath the title "Jew". Emanuel IS the Only God and the Word is clear, "He will appear inside the enclosure of mountains, what is His Garden, and they shall lie down with that Son Of Man forever!" Yet the Judgement takes place before our very eyes; the bitter one at hand, seething at the entire planet, demanding that all the Earth worship HIM. (I will kill him very soon) Meanwhile I share the Key Of Life with all men from inside the Garden Of Life. Those seeking my destruction, they seek the destruction of the United States. They seethe at California, My Garden! And I feed the entire earth!

I have come from above, because I tire of seeing humans SO close to victory, only to have it taken away from them by the dark initiates of this world. They who own slaughter houses, chicken farms, every kind of flesh we may want to eat, they provide it; because they need to create minions to fill up their prisons and their county jails. They are wicked, they are wicked, they are wicked! I AM IOUEL, I have come to kill them. I was born in the 6th month, on the 18 day, at 10:18 am...and I weighed 9lbs, 11 ounces, with a beet red face and body. 6 being the number of imperfection, gives way to gaps in understanding for the One who pursues the unraveling of it's design. I will unravel it all, silencing every mouth and bringing the world to the final place of human responsibility; purity of form!

A human may live on as long as the Earth does, we the Chosen WILL prove this to the wicked as they fall at our feet. A man who eats food that kills the body will die. But the Human who eats vegebles and drinks only the spring water, makes delicasies from harvested crop nutrients. All produce can be broken down to its elements and transformed into, wait for it...MEAT!!!  This was foretold by Isaiah, who is Brahma! Why? Because we take away the identity of a man if we skew the details of his life to make up stories about him. Joshua (Jesus) NEVER died on the cross for your sins.

The Message Of The Cross belongs to the Chosen One alone! He, Atum went into the Cave Of Treasures to verify the Word Of The Lord! Michael, The Chosen One and the Lord Of Spirits are One and the same. What can this mean? We are all part of God and can never escape that truth. His Love is overwhelming and convincing to the very degree of needed Wisdom; to lift any man from the dust, break the shackles of his prison sentence and make him to Live On in this life, leaving it only if the desire to do so ever comes.