Hear Me

Hear Me, not the preacher who says we should be trailblazers and space-cadets, soldiers, Judges, Police, Teachers, Ministers, Priests and Initiates. Most who follow these follow religion only; it is a cold place to live. I spent many years there; unaware that the IDOL held me victim to those very servants, who spoke hard things against God, separating themselves as we all now know, Sensual! God is affection and the very sincerity of hope; that what is facing life, with complete and utter abandonment, desiring only life's happiness. All colleges, schools and religions however, teach us to bow in respect to a strict governmental religion, which always ends in plagues and judgments. They always "teach" us to love flesh! NO, they force us! It is brutal, it is demonic!

But with regard to they who are inside of God, where there is NO written word, only the unction of Life Eternal; these will all find Life's Key, the true path to uprightness, health and well being. They who will align their bed north, love mother earth and all people; these will regenerate their lives unto perfect youth. (by the river of life) That what is flowing through the planet and is exactly similar to the spirit which flows through you, but giving life, sustenance, healing, wellness of mind and being to Earth's Children. THAT is All. If we are able to give ourselves to all, we find The All in them all! We should never consider life to be something unsacred, for we ARE that Sacred, we are very special, each and every one of us. If we do not see this during our lifetime, then we may have a confusing eternity. For there they have no bodies, only knowing the memory of life and the obsession of the angels with it, those not yet born, those who hold the desire to live physical; this the oldest desire of our very ancient world.

We must give ourselves to moderation, in order to regenerate more readily and be happier about health. When you know that you can live on effortlessly, you begin to want better things for yourself and mother Earth; whom Jesus taught was our Mother Most True! We should never forget this; living in the patriarchal world, we remember times of sweetness, as can only be described as Divine. The Nature below IS the divine femenine and partner of the Law. Nature always obeys the Logos as the Observer stands on to take record and document the Key Of Life; where it may be found and who will come preaching it's import. HE, the owner of the Seven Spirits Of God!

Hear Me, not the man who thinks you are a sinner! It is in man to be good, if he can avoid the pitfalls of greed and the entrappings of vanity. For while he is chaste and near pure in heart, he can begin to experience spirituality through a physical, even a sensual means. And yet they who let not flesh touch their lips, drinking always only the springwater and rejoicing in plant based foods; these truly are the followers of the Nazarene! They can truly hear HIS stance on the topic of vegan. We should always seek what this Master has truly said and share it with all. For His Master, The Great Master, is all knowing, all encompassing!