I Am Happily Received

The Word taken away is as always, Wisdom for us all, LOST! Let them not be so surprised that their idols poured out no milk, to be separated from its very own water. For one who hears not even EVERY WORD God sends, ought not presume the end of it. (to himself or unto others) For it is damnation to resist Wisdom in her purest forms; so how may we truly consider Knowledge King, if we think our progenitors to be the authors of what only the Ancient Of Days may present? For only HE may present it to you!

Why have you lied O' Illumined Ones, against the books you sell? Those books declare the Chosen One, who appears inside of that enclosure of mountains, west at the ends of all the Earth. The Elect shall lie down and rise up with that Son Of Man forever and ever. I am happily received by one who has clearly seen the Key Of Life. All have tasted the Pure Kindness Of God, glimpsing from time to time, the intense connectivity between Ourselves & God, The All In Us All.

And God is happy to prove Hermes Father Of Religion! (or Atum, Father Of All) For whoso embraces Hermetic Writ gleefully knows that "Father God" was but a nameless, formless, beginningless, everlastingness; Progenitor of the One who prayed for life eternal, fully receiving of it's Promise, with all assurances regarding the reconciliations of all the moral and spiritual entanglements, before time even began. God IS Greatly To Be Praised for this, forevermore!