I Am Wholly Perfected

One who accepts the Goal Of Regeneration as perfection, truly he understands fully the power of hope, faith and the Word; he does not stumble. All will stumble around him, unaware what power makes them to repeatedly fall down from knowledge; though they seek every fast, holy day or strict ritual for a cleansing. Then they stuff themselves with pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys and every flesh of delicacy, from one meal to the next, never missing an opportunity to glory in it's sickening taste.

One who sees prophecy and the Seer Of Truth at His Appearance, may discern the Hermetic Writ and perceive Kabballah at work in all things. For God is only known by faith; and the Avatars, who forever await The Living One, he who loves Heaven's Truth and Her Gifts. The Universe is Our Mother, vast in mercy and endless beauty. We may freely sail to her end, without tasting of any death; by God's Secret Of All Secrets.