Only The Bible

Those preaching ONLY the Bible or variables of its contents, including short books or litanies; death will come upon these by them who would not see the need to fulfill a thirst for The Word. For that Word is All In Us All. It mysteriously formed The Universe and all of us in it. In our world we have significant purpose, due to the way in which The Almighty has by His Seven Spirits, held back the waves of destruction which seek to pour forth onto our world. The very chaotic mass force out from which Mother Earth was formed, would destroy us, if not for those Seven Lord's Of Arulu. Likewise we have Seven Centers, by which we may direct that ocean of dross far from us, that we may share and live by the immortal books of Hermes; sealed in the spaces of the ether, by the Akashic Record, described well by Master Enoch in his Testimonials.

Those who see the Emerald Tablets and surrender to the Flower Of Life, what washes away all shame and leads to the Path Of Propriety; these will escape all fear, failure, poverty and any form of ego's disparaging. If they desire it and seek hard they will find even eternal life in the Garden, in the Presence Of Lucifer; even The Lion Of Judah forever. He And She are the bearers of All Light! One whose eyes are placed on the light of days will see her power to be matriarch of all Humanity. She Alone is Ishtar. She loves the Master Of Masters above all things. She alone is Eve unto Humanity; they are all receiving the Key Of Life. And may men who are beasts, put on the Key Of The Magi, the Sixth Tablet. They will be made free from every shame, every guilt, every despair. And when they practice the Key Of Life, they erase all sin in themselves and their children forevermore!