Come To The Light

Come to the Light My Children. You knew I would come, you knew I would give Eternal Life to the children of Earth. Point your beds unto the north, allowing reflection upon the heart, the mouth and the mind; even as the Heart, the Mouth and Mind Of AIOUO! (The LORD)  That is the ALL in us all; IOUEL.

Gentleman, allow the Key Of The Magi to heal your anguish with regard to right and wrong. Do as I say and you will be healed, even as I was healed on the Cross Of Light. All sin dies there, for all Humanity, all the Angels, even for all the Seraphs and all their forms. The Key Of The Magi, destroys all evil in all beings!

Call me Paul, Jesus, Jehovah, Yahweh or Vishnu, I am Sai, the Messenger Of Heaven. Those who live by the Keys Of Wisdom, will never die, bringing countless children to fill Earth and the Universe Forever! Those honoring Me know the Almighty in full.

For while I am One with THAT, it is All in All; the least is the greatest in my world, in My Garden. Understand My Children, Thou Art That! One with The Child, knowing that as I overcame shame on the Cross Of Light, so too will YOU put away all shame, all pain, all fear and even death, by the Key Of Life!