To Tell Of IOUO

The One is IOUO; forever is this revealed to the Wise. One who is most firm in faith toward God will find the way along the path toward Wisdom. Therein cries a seeming Deeper Wisdom beckoning us all to consider, 'you are that'. While you and I are each individual selves, the Supreme Self resides within each of our hearts, unto The Divine Cause.

Many religions, including Christianity make direct reference to the Oneness of the believer with God. That deeply personal place of the resolution of insecurities and weaknesses, in front of the Infinite Creator! The Key Of Life takes it a step further, allowing us to extinguish sin by perfect observance of the name of IOUO, and observance of the Ancient Wisdom, whereby Adam lived to be over 925 years of age.

The One is all in us all, regardless of the names we may be calling out to now. "It is all of IO, Child Of IOUO", who utters the sacred name and who has overcome by the Spirit Of Uprightness. He alone is Phanuel; He Michael, He Adonai; even the Seven Spirits! See now, Thou ART That! Know that IOUO, the One ALL is in us All, fulfilling celestial, telestial and terrestrial law, to the cause of HIS Good Will; the Garden.

So if one is to receive life eternal, it should be expected, they must put down all flesh, embracing the Great Age wherein we may freely practice the Key Of Life! All saints align your beds toward the North and let all men take up the Key Of Magic, to truly execute the love of flesh, that we may put off the ways of children and put on The Mind Of Iouo!