Now Comes The Word

Now comes the Word. Yes, by The Angel Phanuel comes Life Eternal; to the captives, to the slaves, to those free, yet bound. The Wisdom whereby we have put on the true everlastingness of these forms, has at last revealed what we shall become. These forms of forevermore, whereby we shall bring forth the Great Crowd Of Witnesses! Those forbidding the quest for God's truth will finally be punished by IOUO. He has not forgotten his promises, but neither has he forgotten his anger! 

The world will see the Spirits Of Giants and all the Wicked be removed from Mother Earth; and see The Angel Iouo rule forever in perfect loving balance. He is Michael, He is Adonai, The Last Adam and I Paul, am He, Pigeradamis! I am Satanuel. They who receive the Key Of Life I bring, will know that I alone was Iouel, before the beginning of time, when I promised Sophia the Atonement. That the ALL was us All, as ever were the Adepts taught, "Thou Art THAT". I am Paul Francis Germana. I stand as Hermes Trismagistus, that no man may usurp the place of Aadamah Atman; and that place, for the Path Of Propriety.