Your name IOUO, is the sacred sound of your grace. You taught us as according to the means of these gross forms and the demands as have been continually made of them in the name of "God". This is the work of the spirits of the Giants, while yours is the work of spirit and loving truth. I praise you forever, thy name is hidden in your promises and the praises unto you from earth's children.

It is YOU who showed patience toward us during this age, preceding the Great Age; I glorify you in full Dear Iouo. You fill the heavens with spirit and it's means of defining influence over our hearts. You truly gave us the option to do good, or to do evil. And while these gross bodies have a propensity towards doing evil, a man rightly defines himself by his life's intent. You allowed this privelidge for the good hearted, well meaning children of earth. You will never betray us, O LORD!

Now comes The Great Age O LORD! We put on the Key Of Life; aligning our beads to the north and practicing Wisdom as discovered in "The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth The Atlantean". Your name IOUO, has been perpetual in its vibration and influence upon the Revelation of all Truth. Thus will I glorify your name in all truth.