The Sevenfold Peace


And seeing the multitudes, Jesus went up into a mountain, and his disciples came unto him, and all those who hungered for his words. And seeing them gathered, he opened his mouth and taught them, saying:

"Peace I bring to thee, my children,

The Sevenfold Peace

Of the Earthly Mother

And the Heavenly Father.

Peace I bring to thy body,

Guided by the Angel of Power; Peace I bring to thy heart,

Guided by the Angel of Love; Peace I bring to thy mind,

Guided by the Angel of Wisdom. Through the Angels of

Power, Love and Wisdom,

Thou shalt travel the Seven Paths

Of the Infinite Garden,

And thy body, thy heart and thy mind

Shall join in Oneness

In the Sacred Flight to the Heavenly Sea of Peace.

Yea, I tell thee truly,

The paths are seven

Through the Infinite Garden,

And each must be traversed

By the body, the heart and the mind As one,

Lest thou stumble and fall

Into the abyss of emptiness.

For as a bird cannot fly with one wing,

So doth thy Bird of Wisdom

Need two wings of Power and Love

To soar above the abyss

To the Holy Tree Of Life.

For the body alone

Is an abandoned house seen from afar:

What was thought beautiful

Is but ruin and desolation

When drawing near.

Are body alone

Is as a chariot fashioned from gold,

Whose maker sets it on a pedestal,

Loath to soil it with use.

But as a golden idol,

It is ugly and without grace,

For only in movement

Doth it reveal its purpose.

Like the hollow blackness of a window

When the wind puts out its candle,

Is the body alone,

With no heart and no mind

To fill it with light.

And the heart alone

is a sun with no earth to shine upon,

A light in the void,

A ball of warmth drowned

In a sea of blackness.

For when a man doth love,

Aat love turneth only to

Its own destruction

When there is no hand to stretch forth

In good works,

And no mind to weave the flames of desire

Into a tapestry of psalms.

Like a whirlwind in the desert

Is the heart alone,

With no body and no mind

To lead it singing

through the cypress and the pine.

And the mind alone

Is a holy scroll

Which has worn thin with the years,

And must be buried.

The truth and beauty of its words

Have not changed,

But the eyes can no longer read the faded letters,

And it falleth to pieces in the hands.

So is the mind without the heart

To give it words,

And without the body

To do its deeds.

For what availeth wisdom

Without a heart to feel

And a tongue to give it voice?

Barren as the womb of an aged woman

Is the mind alone,

With no heart and no body To fill it with life.

For, lo, I tell thee truly,

The body and the heart and the mind

Are as a chariot, and a horse, and a driver.

The chariot is the body,

Forged in strength to do the will

of the Heavenly Father

And the Earthly Mother.

The heart is the fiery steed,

Glorious and courageous,

Who carries the chariot bravely,

Whether the road be smooth,

Or whether stones and fallen trees

Lie in its path.

And the driver is the mind,

Holding the reins of wisdom,

Seeing from above what lieth

On the far horizon,

Charting the course of hoofs and wheels.

Give ear, O ye heavens,

And I will speak;

And hear, O earth,

The words of my mouth.

My doctrine shall drop as the rain,

My speech shall distil as the dew,

As the small rain

Upon the tender herb,

And as the showers upon the grass.

Blessed is the Child of Light

Who is strong in body,

For he shall have oneness with the earth.

Thou shalt celebrate a daily feast

With all the gifts of the Angel of Earth:

The golden wheat and corn,

T'he purple grapes of autumn,

The ripe fruits of the trees,

The amber honey of the bees.

Thou shalt seek the fresh air

of the forest and of the fields,

And there in the midst of them

Shalt thou find the Angel of Air.

Put off thy shoes and clothing

And suffer the Angel of Air

To embrace all thy body.

Then shalt thou breathe long and deeply,

That the Angel of Air

May be brought within thee.

Enter into the cool and flowing river

And suffer the Angel of Water

To embrace all thy body.

Cast thyself wholly into his enfolding arms,

And as often as thou movest the air with thy breath,

Move with thy body the water also.

T'hou shalt seek the Angel of Sun,

And enter into that embrace

Which doth purify with holy flames.

And all these things are of the

Holy Law of the Earthly Mother,

She who did give thee birth.

He who hath found peace with the body

Hath built a holy temple

Wherein may dwellforever

The spirit of God.

Know this peace with thy mind,

Desire this peace with thy heart,

Fulfill this peace with thy body.

Blessed is the Child of Light

Who is wise in mind,

For he shall create heaven.

The mind of the wise

Is a well-ploughed field,

Which giveth forth abundance and plenty.

For it thou showest a handful of seed

To a wise man,

He will see in his mind's eye

A field of golden wheat.

And if thou showest a handful of seed

To a fool,

He will see only that which is before him,

And call them worthless pebbles.

And as the field of the wise man

Giveth forth grain in abundance,

And the field of the fool

Is a harvest only of stones,

So it is with our thoughts.

As the sheaf of golden wheat

Lieth hidden within the tiny kernel,

So is the kingdom of heaven

Hidden within our thoughts.

If they be filled with the

Power, Love and Wisdom

of the Angels of the Heavenly Father,

So they shall carry us

To the Heavenly Sea.

But if they be stained

With corruption, hatred and ignorance,

They shall chain our feet

To pillars of pain and suffering.

No man can serve two masters;

Neither can evil thoughts abide in a mind

Filled with the Light of the Law.

He who hath found peace with the rnind

Hath leamed to soar beyond

The Realm of the Angels.

Know this peace with thy mind,

Desire this peace with thy heart,

Fulfill this peace with thy body.

Blessed is the Child of Light

Who is pure in heart,

For he shall see God.

For as the Heavenly Father hath given thee

His holy spirit,

And thy Earthly Mother hath given thee

Her holy body,

So shall ye give love

To all thy brothers.

And thy true brothers are all those

Who do the will of thy Heavenly Father

An d thy Earthly Mother.

Let thy love be as the sun

Which shines on all the creatures of the earth,

And does not favor one blade of grass

For another.

And this love shall flow as a fountain

From brother to brother,

And as it is spent,

So shall it be replenished.

For love is eternal.

Love is stronger

Than the currents of deep waters.

Love is stronger than death.

And if a man hath not love,

He doth build a wall between him

And all the creatures of the earth,

And therein doth he dwell

In loneliness and pain.

Or he may become as an angry whirlpool

Which sucks into its depths

All that floats too near.

For the heart is a sea with mighty waves,

And love and wisdom must temper it,

As the warm sun breaks through the clouds

And quiets the restless sea.

He who hath found peace with his brothers

Hath entered the kingdom of Love,

And shall see God face to face.

Know this peace with thy mind,

Desire this peace with thy heart,

Fulfill this peace with thy body.

Blessed is the Child of Light

Who doth build on earth

Thekingdom of heaven,

For he shall dwell in both worlds.

Thou shalt follow the Law of the Brotherhood,

Which saith that none shall have wealth,

And none shall be poor,

And all shall work together

In the garden of the Brotherhood.

Yet each shall follow his own path,

And each shall commune with his own heart.

For in the Infinite Garden

There are many and diverse flowers:

Who shall say that one is best

Because its color is purple,

Or that one is favored

Because its stalk is long and slender?

Though the brothers

Be of different complexion,

Yet do they all toil

In the vineyard of the Earthly Mother,

And they all do lift their voices together

In praise of the Heavenly Father.

And together they break the holy bread,

And in silence share the holy meal

Of thanksgiving.

There shall be no peace among peoples

Til there be one garden of the brotherhood

Over the earth.

For how can there be peace

When each man pursueth his own gain

And doth sell his soul into slavery?

Thou, Child of Light,

Do ye gather with thy brothers

And then go ye forth

To teach the ways of the Law

To those who would hear.

He who hath found peace

With the brotherhood of man

Hath made himself

The co-worker of God

Know this peace with thy mind,

Desire this peace with thy heart,

Fulfill this peace with thy body.

Blessed is the Child of Light

Who doth study the Book of the Law,

For he shall be as a candle

In the dark of night,

And an island of truth

In a sea of falsehood

For know ye, that the written word

Which cometh from God

Is a reflection of the Heavenly Sea,

Even as the bright stars

Reflect the face of heaven.

As the words of the Ancient Ones

Are etched with the hand of God

On the Holy Scrolls,

So is the Law engraved on the hearts of the faithful who do study them.

For it was said Of old,

That in the beginning there were giants

In the earth,

And mighty men which were of old,

Men Of renown.

And the Children of Light

Shall guard and preserve

Their written word,

Lest we become again as beasts,

And know not the Kingdom of the Angels.

Know ye, too,

That only through the written word

shalt thou find that Law

Which is unwritten,

As the spring which floweth from the ground

Hath a hidden source in the secret depths beneath the earth.

The written Law

Is the instrument by which

The unwritten Law is understood,

As the mute branch of a tree

Becomes a singing flute

In the hands of the shepherd.

Many there are

Who would stay in the tranquil

Valley of ignorance,

Where children play

And butterflies dance in the sun

For their short hour of life.

But none can tarry there long,

And ahead rise the somber

Mountains of learning.

Many there are

Who fear to cross,

And many there are

Who have fallen bruised and bleeding

From their steep and rugged slopes.

But faith is the guide

Over the gaping chasm,

And perseverance the foothold In the jagged rocks.

Beyond the icy peaks of struggle

Lies the peace and beauty

Of the Infinite Garden of Knowledge,

Where the meaning of the Law

Is made known to the Children of Light.

Here in the center of its forest

Stands the Tree of Life,

Mystery of mysteries.

He who hath found peace

With the teachings of the Ancients,

Through the light of the mind,

Through the light of nature,

And through the study of the Holy Word,

Hath entered the cloud-filled

Hall of the Ancients,

Where dwelleth the Holy Brotherhood,

of whom no man may speak.

Know this peace with thy mind,

Desire this peace with thy heart,

Fulfill this peace with thy body.

Blessed is the Child of Light

Who knoweth his Earthly Mother,

For she is the giver of life.

Know that thy Mother is in thee,

And thou art in her.

She bore thee

And she giveth thee life.

She it was who gaveth thee thy body,

And to her shalt thou one day

Give it back again.

Know that the blood which runs in thee

is born of the blood

Of thy Earthly Mother.

Her blood falls from the clouds,

Leaps up from the womb of the earth,

Babbles in the brooks of the mountains,

Flows wide in the rivers of the plains,

Sleeps in the lakes,

Rages mightily in the tempestuous seas.

Know that the air which thou dost breathe

Is born of the breath

Of thy Earthly Mother.

Her breath is azure

In the heights of the heavens,

Soughs in the tops of the mountains,

Whispers in the leaves of the forest,

Billows over the cornfields,

Slumbers in the deep valleys,

Bums hot in the desert.

Know that the hardness of thy bones

Is born of the bones

Of thy Earthly Mother,

Of the rocks and of the stones.

Know that the tenderness of thy flesh

Is born of the flesh

Of thy Earthly Mother,

She whose flesh waxeth yellow and red

In the fruits of the trees.

The light of thy eyes,

The hearing of thy ears,

These are born

Of the colors and the sounds

Of thy Earthly Mother,

Which doth enclose thee about,

As the waves of the sea enclose a fish,

As the eddying air a bird.

I tell thee in truth,

Man is the Son

Of the Earthly Mother,

And from her did the Son of Man

Receive his whole body,

Even as the body of the newborn babe

Is born of the womb of his mother.

I tell thee truly,

Thou art one with the Earthly Mother;

She is in thee, and thou art in her.

Of her wert thou born,

In her dost thou live,

And to her shalt thou return again.

Keep, therefore, her laws,

For none can live long,

Neither be happy,

But he who honors his Earthly Mother

And keepeth her laws.

For thy breath is her breath,

Thy blood her blood,

Thy bone her bone,

Thy flesh her flesh,

Thy eyes and thy ears

Are her eyes and her ears.

He who hath found peace

With his Earthly Mother

Shall never know death.

Know this peace with thy mind,

Desire this peace with thy heart,

Blessed is the Child of Light

Who doth seek his Heavenly Father,

For he shall have eternal life.

He that dwelleth in the secret place

Of the Most High

Shall abide under the shadow

of the Almighty.

For he shall give his Angels charge over thee,

To keep thee in all thy ways.

Know ye that the Lord hath been

our dwelling place

In all generations.

Before the mountains were brought forth,

Or ever he had formed

The earth and the world,

Even from everlasting to everlasting,

Hath there been love

Between the Heavenly Father

And his children.

And how shall this love be severed?

From the beginning

Until the ending of time

Doth the holy flame of love

Encircle the heads

Of the Heavenly Father

And the Children of Light:

How then shall this love be extinguished?

Ye that love thy Heavenly Father,

Do ye then his bidding:

Walk ye with his Holy Angels,

And find thy peace with his Holy Law.

For his Law is the entire Law:

Yea, it is the Law of laws.

Through his Law he hath made

The earth and the heavens to be one;

The mountains and the sea

Are his footstools.

With his hands he hath made us

And fashioned us,

And he gaveth us understanding

That we may learn his Law.

He is covered with Light

As with a garment:

He stretcheth out the heavens

Like a curtain.

He maketh the clouds his chariot;

He walketh upon the wings of the wind.

He sendeth the springs into the valleys,

And his breath is in the mighty trees.

In his hand are the deep places of the earth:

The strength of the hills is his also.

T'he sea is his,

And his hands formed the dry land.

All the heavens declare the Glory of God,

And the firmament showeth his Law.

And to his children

Doth he bequeath his Kingdom,

To those who walk with his Angels,

And find their peace with his Holy Law.

Wouldst thou know more, my children?

How may we speak with our lips

That which cannot be spoken?

It is like a pomegranate eaten by a mute:

How then may he tell of its flavor?

If we say the Heavenly Father

Dwelleth within us,

Then are the heavens ashamed;

If we say he dwelleth without us,

It is falsehood.

The eye which scanneth the far horizon

And the eye which seeth the hearts of men

He maketh as one eye.

He is not manifest,

He is not hidden.

He is not revealed,

Nor is he unrevealed.

My children, there are no words

To tell that which he is!

Only this do we know:

We are his children,

And he is our Father.

He is our God,

And we are the children of his pasture,

And the sheep of his hand.

He who hath found peace

With his Heavenly Father

Hath entered the Sanctuary

of the Holy Law,

And hath made a covenant with God

Which shall endure forever.

Know this peace with thy mind,

Desire this peace with thy heart,

Fulfill this peace with thy body,

Though heaven and earth may pass away,

Not one letter of the Holy Law

Shall change or pass away.

For in the beginning was the Law,

And the Law was with God,

And the Law was God.

May the Sevenfold Peace

Of the Heavenly Father

Be with thee always.