Sacred Name Of Iouo

The Sacred Name Of Iouo! Praise His Awesome Name, above every heaven, above every sky. Let heaven and Earth know The LORD has not a name unutterable, or unspeakable; rather it's consonant sound is interchangeble with itself and in ONE way. If I am saying 'Iou', (the sacred name Heb Lex. 2030) it is only a matter of perception, as to whether 'ou' or 'uo' is upon my lips; thus Iouo is the very perfect participle of the LORD's Good Name. It's where the POWER comes from. The one who worships the LORD, softly uttering 'Iouo', gently praising Almighty Self, YOU will bring the new day; YOU will be Carrier of it, the Will Of The New Day. Let them NOT fear the Gods or the Highest One, in whose sight all sit sheepish! The reason you should always love your neigbor, is because as you think of HIM, you ascribe every consonantial expression of the LORD's unutterable name, INTO CONVERSATION!!! His name cannot be uttered in conversation, short addressing a non specific individual; HE planned this. In that as you insult you'r neibor, with what name should eventually be said to My Face. I am Mirotheos and LOVE is the variable pronunciation of Jehovah, Jove, or Iouel, (Lord God)

Let Iou be glorified in open prayer; thus with Christ in mind and Father Of The Gods at Heart! Let then the very Highest Name be honored Today, what name before which even I do shutter. For if I gently say Iou to the lord and let the consonant carry; I hear IOUO, I see the Supreme God! I glorify, ONLY the Supreme! Thus I PRAISE HYMN with more power than Anyone! Praise Iouo for NOW; for now and eternity. Wake to the dark of the morning. Keeping your curtains drawn, accurately anticipating the New Day; stand in the Dark, with your feet spread sparsely apart. And with arms raised to the Cosmos, bring in the circle of Affection & Care, bring it close to surround you and protect you from wickedness; and the bringing in of LIGHT! The All will be there that Day! He will be with you in full.

Iouo is My Shepherd! I shall not want, for he beckons me to lie down in green pastures, as he leads me beside the still waters. Iou Alone O' Almighty One; You Alone ARE ALL. There is NO other, but Iou; the Spirit, through whom YOU fashioned and formed all things in the Universe. All things through him and for him. Iouo, always have you cared for the righteous, when they trusted You; and engendered trust in all people. Touch YOUR people once again, O' Great God. Forever O' Cheif Angel, shall we Call Out to YOU, beckoning YOUR WILL ONLY. Let them accuse me of self glorification. It is Your Word, what does that, but YOU are forever the THE WORD, forever the LIGHT!