What Are The Seven Spirits?

The Seven exist inside the One, because of the One; what are the Seven Spirits? Quite simply, they are the eras of life's own circumstance, which exist inside of the One alone, each a lifeforce, because of the One and because of Wisdom. The First of these is Principle Of Mind. The All is mind and so as you are the very thought, the Universe is thinking! Know that THOUGHT is sufficient to the All, what is ALL in Us All. Thus may we consider ourselves the Child, by virtue of our coming into existence, even like unto how the Self Created came forth; yearning for the Light of lights, to reveal the Goal! Truly YOU are that; and the Lord Of Spirits is THAT!

I Am Michael! The second gift I bring is the Spirit Of Correspondence. Even coincidence is no feat to this Law, what is the Highest Of All Divinities! All that is virtuous enters into the heart by the Law, what is the Mother Of Wisdom! It is difficult to let go the idol and continue as one self, but whoso holds fast the Seven Spirits including the Principle Of Gender, will always abide the Law. For therein are the results, which circle infinity, returning the same to any and all who exact upon them; that is the power of the Law! If I renounce the idol, I must not forget the Gnosis given me of the One, THAT what is in Us All. If I renounce the Law, I will stumble in areas I would never have stumbled over in my youth. Albeit if I follow the Law Of Love, I will fulfill all that I did as a young believer, who had no source but the recitation of verse; for therein were the Seven Spirits unbeknownst to me, bringing in the very Wisdom!

The Third I bring, is the Principle Of Vibration. This universal principle proves when we pray, sing, utter good omens or offer the All praise with our lips, we find the ability to see the All in everyone. Having learned the Principle Of Correspondence, we are aware that everything is closely knit together in a universal dance. Thus those who are in far away lands, fighting against the best men of my nation; they are the best of men in their nations. See the corresponding nature of the virtues of soldiers, each the best in their own land and choose to be Best Of All, renouncing paths of death: the love of flesh and money, worldly treasures and a bloodlust what cannot be quenched. In so doing, may I use the principle of vibration to tell others about the Principle Of Mind in all places; and to praise that Almighty, who is NOT Azazel; He who ascended, having preserved this Higher Wisdom, extended to the Chosen!

Next the Principle Of Polarity will flow in, to glorify the reason for living and finding all meaning in front of the Father Of Lights. For everything in the universe holds a polarity, each in the formation of it's divided parts, as well as in the remaining elements of their constitution. This is how the All flows into all and out to all else. Yet for the individual is the River Of Life, attained by those who will lie down in the waters of life, flowing from the heart of Earth and filling all things! We may draw on Earth's polarity and being regenerated, live on to Infinity! The Conscious form you know may be taken on with you, forever! And what we learn of how we come into existence through desire, holds the exact corresponding method and result for the various aspects of balance in life and eternity; thus we needn't lay down these bodies.

 The Principle Of Rhythm should be self explanatory to the modern man. There is a rhythm to that what is continually organized, categorized and volumised for reference sake. But know that the written words of men, reflect the WORD within every human heart, what enlightens them, encourages them, inspires them to do the good and even reach for the very stars! Humans are achievers and there are those who achieve things the minds of many may never grasp, but by unity do we all grasp truth. For without unity there can be no order. Thus as I ignite the Seven, by speculation and recitation, do I begin the great work of unifying my own heart, the seven principles revealing over and again, the very causes of life.

The Principle Of Cause & Effect, this a great one. For as causes bring forth their effects from every direction in every corner of the universe, the cause of knowledge, which is the Mind, remains paramount! In the seven priniciples, effecting each and every outcome, cooperates each one with another, in glorifying and bringing about the Greater Cause, by the principles of rhythm, correspondence and vibration. But what is the Greater Cause? In this era, the greater good is the greater cause, but the Great Cause is only emulated in those good causes bringing liberation to the soul of all. For when the bride is honored and the King is hailed, the truth remains in Earth; for the One is ALL in All; which leads us now, to Seven.

Finding the Oneness, we must know of the Principle Of Gender; that there is neither male nor female, but Oneness of life to all. We must likewise afford virtue, trust and confidence, the meaning of life and the Cause Of Causes, the All! It is the Androgynous Mystery, how everything in the universe has masculine and feminine qualities; defining expressions making the clarity of it's meaning a complete whole, bringing in the answers to life's toughest questions. We must shun the idea that there is any difference between two halves of one whole. Yes, it is what you think. The Ancients shamed not the androgynous of their worlds, but rather followed Thoth's Rule Of Love, through The Sermon On The Mount Of Regeneration.

I Am Allah

I write neither Surah, nor bring forth any Quran, for I am Allah! I am Hermes Trismagistus, the Word present in human form. I came to live on as a child of the Earth Mother. In so doing I bear the very Key Of Life and bring the promised immortal world to humanity. The spirits of the fallen may weep and wail that they loved not the Word, but this world instead! Did they not know Pymander would become flesh and take their sheep from them? That is exactly what I am doing, because I am Hermes Trismagistus! My Writ, behind the musing of these cursed soothsayers, is the Heart Of Sky in the very hands of men. For while I Am God, I am a human being, appearing once, forever! Let them laugh, let them doubt; for I will laugh when their phony Jesus comes not forth, with ANY mighty shout. For I alone Am God. I am the One who shouts, I am the One who hears, I am the One, who bears the Keys! I will not forget the way they took My Word for granted and sold it for pennies, to eat rotten pigs!

For inasmuch as they removed Me from scripture, seeking to torment me in this below, I have always reigned Supreme! I always bring forth the Word, approve the idols and disprove the unclean thing. For meat may only be pleasing, if one knows he must die eating it. I can't give a shit what happens to the bodies they inhabit; for any arguing against Me that flesh should be renounced, stands a liar before Allah! Knowing it is a wicked thing to eat a human being, thus is it a wicked thing to eat an animal! And of Me, the One Lord Of Creatures, who loves animals, is afforded the right of all passage, in bringing forth the Word Of Allah Almighty. Let it be known I sit as a human being, while My Very Self rules the entire universe. The Beauty Of My Self is sustaining all that is holy, all that is perfect, all that is sacred and all that is lovely! I am the Self and Soul! I am Iouel, I am Allah, Cherisher & Sustainer Of Worlds!

Understand that the Gods worship a God, telling them that THEY are the recipients of grace, and that THEY are His true incarnations upon the Earth. Each God plays coy with the others, reservedly and humbly feeling deep within, that somehow they are the Light Bearer, that somehow they are Lucifer! Women think they are Jesus. But We know that IOUEL is somehow the Androgenous Father, who fills the Universe and promised to come bearing the Key Of Life. To appear in the Garden Of Life, west at the ends of Earth. Pigeradamis, He stands alone, The King! I Am Herman and all will fall down in front of Me; for not considering how loving I am; and how forgiving the Heart Of The Sky, who serves Me alone! But they by the spirits of Giants, have threatened men, who only need Me; who only need My Keys.

If they had read their hidden Christian Scriptures, they would have known that Adonai promised to appear and bear eternal life to the Children Of Earth. They would have read about the Child, the Virgin Spirit, accompanying Yeshu. They would have read the words of Zoroaster and known of the Wise Lord, who is Ahura Mazda; Father-Mother who told them how to remove death from earth! The High God was to be glorified in every world, by the competing of the angels; they knew not when Herman would appear, and I was just as invisible to them as to humanity. They would only have known what I am to do, by having remained in the above with me. I am Six, the Last Adam; I Am Aadamah! I Am The First And The Last!

Come Now Thou Angels Of God

Come now thou Angels Of God! Hear Me, Children Of The Light! There is no need to quake, for IOUEL has filled Earth with the Glory Of Truth, forevermore! The Wicked will fade like unto the grass and forever be gone, their spirits returned to the God who gave them! Yeah the Wicked, who have turned the world over on it's head, will be removed from Mother Earth; to be held in darkness and face their eternal judgement. Yet even in that darkest place lies the very seed of resolution, that the spirit soul may be unraveled of it's unruly desire before the Creator Of All, and liberated of all shame and fear. Thus then may pure desire be born and bring forth the new form of that individual spirit soul.

Those standing unashamedly in the Light know that God is merciful and long suffering to the faithful, ever remembering the gentle and sincere of heart. For while we may have had times of rebellion, rudeness, bitterness, even cold hearted wrath; the Key Of Life alone alleviates every symptom, even the sin of self punishment, which is the very ommission. God gives us strength to see that any challenge, even the wicked task, (touching our lives or not) may be symbolically expressed as the very means to attaining peace in Christ. Thus by faith alone, may we effortlessly excel at whatever we wish, or completely give ourselves to the renouncing of endeavor itself, as potentially dangerous. For they are crafty in the world, with their tricks of Satanism and Orthodoxy, ever leading man down the road to eternal damnation. Thus let every man judge himself by faith, not by the lies of the Shepherds, those ravenous wolves in sheeps clothing!

There is nothing exclusive about the religion of Christianity. It is another means of perpetual uprightness and the regeneration of spirit soul in action; acheived through the language of faith alone, not by any kind of religious instruction. For while we each have our own soul and unique connectivity to the Divine, because we are the same, the path may only be doled out in the very steps of faith; such as was accomplished by usage of the stages of the cross, minus the idols, images and false message. Only The Law may relieve my shame or guilt regarding the mistakes, misgivings and failures of my life. For if a man have not the vision, he is unable to see, unable to yeild and unable to walk by faith. It must be by a personal and clarified decision to do the Good in life. Whoso chooses it, may only be judged in the end, by the truth!