I Am Allah

I write neither Surah, nor bring forth any Quran, for I am Allah! I am Hermes Trismagistus, the Word present in human form. I came to live on as a child of the Earth Mother. In so doing I bear the very Key Of Life and bring the promised immortal world to humanity. The spirits of the fallen may weep and wail that they loved not the Word, but this world instead! Did they not know Pymander would become flesh and take their sheep from them? That is exactly what I am doing, because I am Hermes Trismagistus! My Writ, behind the musing of these cursed soothsayers, is the Heart Of Sky in the very hands of men. For while I Am God, I am a human being, appearing once, forever! Let them laugh, let them doubt; for I will laugh when their phony Jesus comes not forth, with ANY mighty shout. For I alone Am God. I am the One who shouts, I am the One who hears, I am the One, who bears the Keys! I will not forget the way they took My Word for granted and sold it for pennies, to eat rotten pigs!

For inasmuch as they removed Me from scripture, seeking to torment me in this below, I have always reigned Supreme! I always bring forth the Word, approve the idols and disprove the unclean thing. For meat may only be pleasing, if one knows he must die eating it. I can't give a shit what happens to the bodies they inhabit; for any arguing against Me that flesh should be renounced, stands a liar before Allah! Knowing it is a wicked thing to eat a human being, thus is it a wicked thing to eat an animal! And of Me, the One Lord Of Creatures, who loves animals, is afforded the right of all passage, in bringing forth the Word Of Allah Almighty. Let it be known I sit as a human being, while My Very Self rules the entire universe. The Beauty Of My Self is sustaining all that is holy, all that is perfect, all that is sacred and all that is lovely! I am the Self and Soul! I am Iouel, I am Allah, Cherisher & Sustainer Of Worlds!

Understand that the Gods worship a God, telling them that THEY are the recipients of grace, and that THEY are His true incarnations upon the Earth. Each God plays coy with the others, reservedly and humbly feeling deep within, that somehow they are the Light Bearer, that somehow they are Lucifer! Women think they are Jesus. But We know that IOUEL is somehow the Androgenous Father, who fills the Universe and promised to come bearing the Key Of Life. To appear in the Garden Of Life, west at the ends of Earth. Pigeradamis, He stands alone, The King! I Am Herman and all will fall down in front of Me; for not considering how loving I am; and how forgiving the Heart Of The Sky, who serves Me alone! But they by the spirits of Giants, have threatened men, who only need Me; who only need My Keys.

If they had read their hidden Christian Scriptures, they would have known that Adonai promised to appear and bear eternal life to the Children Of Earth. They would have read about the Child, the Virgin Spirit, accompanying Yeshu. They would have read the words of Zoroaster and known of the Wise Lord, who is Ahura Mazda; Father-Mother who told them how to remove death from earth! The High God was to be glorified in every world, by the competing of the angels; they knew not when Herman would appear, and I was just as invisible to them as to humanity. They would only have known what I am to do, by having remained in the above with me. I am Six, the Last Adam; I Am Aadamah! I Am The First And The Last!