As Seer Of Truth, I happily assert there is no such thing as sin or shame; never were they there to the All, what WE ARE! There is the right and there is the wrong. The one who does right, is the only follower of Creator & Christ. In these contents are revealed the parable, prophecy and the wisdom, given to all humanity, for all time. For unto both human and serpent alike, is the WISDOM given; even to all. Resist people who destroy religious knowledge, in order to isolate the flock and create an illusion of the Way; for they are not the Immovable Generation. For they who bear the Key Of Life, will live far beyond the years of the foolish leaders and teachers of this world. They shall lie down with that Son Of Man forever! They who trust in the name of the Holy Spirit, IOUEL, mother of Imanuel; these shall bear the Key and escape the judgment of the world, by pure reason. For judgment is the punishment of error. Thus, they who follow the law of mercy, will see with their own eyes, the exaltation of humanity. There will be no more death and God shall wipe away every tear; the enemy shall no have teeth and death, no sting! Imanuel stands above every other sage, seer or prophet.


Emerald Tablets - Paul Francis Germana

Emerald Tablets - Thoth The Atlantean -

Early Christian Writings - Zostrianos -

Zoroastrianism - Zoroastrian Texts -

Sacred Texts - The Bahai Texts -
 ~ "Had these Archons been truly desirous to make us whole and bring us to life, their own lives would have been found in jeopardy and disrepair." ~ Gospel Of Phillip

~ "See Michael, the Chosen One and the Lord Of Spirits, ever as One." ~ Enoch

Christianity is a Universal Religion, with views widely similar to other religions. Visit this 
fabulous website, where Gnosis & Wisdom are freely shared with the boldness of clarity.


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