To Diminish The Testimony Of God

To diminsh the testimony of God, for authority sake and to manipulate humanity; rather than submit to God. To LIE and not tell the truth, to NOT obey the Word as HE sent it! Man seeks to publish what IOUEL has said and to infuse wickedness into the things of God; throwing out that what requires us to repent flesh eating and bloodlust! These who will not repent of the Great Whore, will surely fall down with the Wicked, to be judged harshly; as they judged even the smallest of babes. In their wombs did they kill them, just for being untimely. For the righteous angels have now ascended, leaving the riotous to scream foul play. IOUEL has seen them all, watching them cut his Canon in half, to justify the cruel imprisoning of men, rather than repenting the love of the flesh. All who eat it die; it is murder to eat God's Creatures.

Samael was faithful to Me and gave the Key Of Life, ascending to Heights where the Angels reside; on High with the Highest! He who is seated on the throne and prevailing above, is the Overspirit IOUEL; One with Michael and the Chosen One! Let them ignore the hidden things what are the things of IOUEL; they are hidden neither by God, nor His Servant! No one concealing the truth represents it! Whereas the Servant, Iouel tells all; revealing sinners and their plot against humanity, even the benficiary who is a devil! They die, but do not die; letting the world weep for them, while the afflicted are trodden under foot and made slaves to their lie. They have taken books from God's Word, crying about how all have assaulted their devil, who is but a devil, longing for the world to glorify him as a theif and a liar!

These who add or take words, books, letters, any writings from the testimonies of IOUEL; these are they who hate to see the world educated, they hate to see the truth unbound and the Great God glorified! For they hate IOUEL, who saved them, placed love in their hearts and showed them mercy! They would rather see the world languish in unbelief and bloodlust, than admit they took away the Testimony Of God. For to have man eat flesh, is to have the world. Look at men accept their portion in the Lake Of Fire. (the lie) They who love not God's creatures enough to resist eating them, will perish with them; and the beasts they eat will cry out against them, for the mass slaughter of themselves and their kind. Never was the generation of man from God, rather the Unbegotten, living in the heart of every creature; He LOVE, (IOUEL) will not fail in redeeming those who do good in front of Him.

If Anyone Doubts God

If anyone doubts God, that he has come down, inhabiting Me by the name Iouel, it is because they know not My Name; it is totally concealed and not shown to Humanity. As Phillip spake in his Gospel, "One single name is not uttered in the world, the name which the Father gave to the Son; it is the name above all things: the name of the Father. For the Son would not become Father unless he wore the name of the Father. Those who know this name will not speak it; and those who do not know it, never do." Only he who has been significantly marked by the numbers 6 and 7, may bear that name openly and stand as candidate to be the Chosen One; although surely may there be NO CANDIDATE, for only IOUEL, the God Of Israel, the One, the Father-Mother of Yeshu, Mani and Zoroaster; only he prevails!

Let them search the hidden things; I boldly soar beyond them saying; 'Enoch reveals it; the Chosen One is born in the end times, is a laborer and is jealous of the one claiming to be the Chosen One'. Well, it is infact the decrepid one, with his wretched finger, who is jealous of Iouel, HE One in All! A man will ask a seven day old baby the answers to life, receiving them whitless, to nourish his soul and bring back meaning, as if a sophisticated valve stopped, what with the right confession would surley flow. In that light, think of the divine nature breathing the answer, by the fragrance of Kether in that tiny Child. And know that no man may seize upon humanity, to force his god, by seduction or trickery. I Pigeradamis have removed this power from the world. For when Samael ascended, the devils could no longer exploit him.

They, the others sought to bring a great Judgment upon the Garden Of Life! But IOUEL, the God Of Abraham, Issac and Jacob heard the call of the Chosen One, who knew of a certainty, the Garden was unto Llewelyn; True Lady Of The Lake. For when Father-Mother called Me back to the Valley Of Angels, I saw the ascension of Samael, who was faithful to his repentance, preserving the Arcane Wisdom, what has forever been the Key Of Life and the only Gospel! Now the power of Satan has been lifted and they may no longer misguide humanity. For those dark spirits have none to report back to, but their victims! Let them read the Gospel Of Phillip to know of the certainty of the spirits what tempt. Let them be fully reminded of those spirits and their influence over their very bodies, even right now!

Praise IOUEL, the Spirit whereby all good things come to light, by whom is the dissolution of error. May we open our hearts to the Light Of Truth; thereby seeing IOUEL in the hearts of all Nations and Peoples. When a nation is overrun by wickedness and the poor are trampled under foot, it is they with whom Yeshu resides, it is they with whom the Angels abide. The hearts of humanity must be discovered in the Light Of Day, burning for justice due the poor, those oppressed, those afflicted and those downtrodden. Let them not fear the error of the Wicked, it is only those who follow in their error who truly stumble; it is only those who bring the spirits in, who lose. Not even the strongest of saints can see his error because of them. For inasmuch as My Name is hidden by them, do they fully hide their shame from all.

What Are The Seven Spirits?

The Seven exist inside the One, because of the One; what are the Seven Spirits? Quite simply, they are the eras of life's own circumstance, which exist inside of the One alone, each a lifeforce, because of the One and because of Wisdom. The First of these is Principle Of Mind. The All is mind and so as you are the very thought, the Universe is thinking! Know that THOUGHT is sufficient to the All, what is ALL in Us All. Thus may we consider ourselves the Child, by virtue of our coming into existence, even like unto how the Self Created came forth; yearning for the Light of lights, to reveal the Goal! Truly YOU are that; and the Lord Of Spirits is THAT, by sacred writ and the unfoldment of life's truths locally. Understand, there is no prophet or seer with perpetual sight. The youth sees and lives in the light fully, while his parents live in ignorance and backsliddeness. For the Light is no respector of persons.

I Am Michael! The second gift I bring is the Spirit Of Correspondence. Even coincidence is no feat to this Law, what is the Highest Of All Divinities! All that is virtuous enters into the heart by the Law, what is the Mother Of Wisdom! It is difficult to let go the idol and continue as one self, but whoso holds fast the Seven Spirits including the Principle Of Gender, will always abide the Law. For therein are the results, which circle infinity, returning the same to any and all who exact upon them; that is the power of the Law! If I renounce the idol, I must not forget the Gnosis given me of the One, THAT what is in Us All. If I renounce the Law, I will stumble in areas I would never have stumbled over in my youth. Albeit if I follow the Law Of Love, I will fulfill all that I did as a young believer, who had no source but the recitation of verse; for therein were the Seven Spirits unbeknownst to me, bringing in the very Wisdom!

The Third I bring, is the Principle Of Vibration. This universal principle proves when we pray, sing, utter good omens or offer the All praise with our lips, we find the ability to see the All in everyone. Having learned the Principle Of Correspondence, we are aware that everything is closely knit together in a universal dance. Thus those who are in far away lands, fighting against the best men of my nation; they are the best of men in their nations. See the corresponding nature of the virtues of soldiers, each the best in their own land and choose to be Best Of All, renouncing paths of death: the love of flesh and money, worldly treasures and a bloodlust what cannot be quenched. In so doing, may I use the principle of vibration to tell others about the Principle Of Mind in all places; and to praise that Almighty, who is NOT Azazel; He who ascended, having preserved this Higher Wisdom, extended to the Chosen!

Next the Principle Of Polarity will flow in, to glorify the reason for living and finding all meaning in front of the Father Of Lights. For everything in the universe holds a polarity, each in the formation of it's divided parts, as well as in the remaining elements of their constitution. This is how the All flows into all and out to all else. Yet for the individual is the River Of Life, attained by those who will lie down in the waters of life, flowing from the heart of Earth and filling all things! We may draw on Earth's polarity and being regenerated, live on to Infinity! The Conscious form you know may be taken on with you, forever! And what we learn of how we come into existence through desire, holds the exact corresponding method and result for the various aspects of balance in life and eternity; thus we needn't lay down these bodies.

 The Principle Of Rhythm should be self explanatory to the modern man. There is a rhythm to that what is continually organized, categorized and volumised for reference sake. But know that the written words of men, reflect the WORD within every human heart, what enlightens them, encourages them, inspires them to do the good and even reach for the very stars! Humans are achievers and there are those who achieve things the minds of many may never grasp, but by unity do we all grasp truth. For without unity there can be no order. Thus as I ignite the Seven, by speculation and recitation, do I begin the great work of unifying my own heart, the seven principles revealing over and again, the very causes of life.

The Principle Of Cause & Effect, this a great one. For as causes bring forth their effects from every direction in every corner of the universe, the cause of knowledge, which is the Mind, remains paramount! In the seven priniciples, effecting each and every outcome, cooperates each one with another, in glorifying and bringing about the Greater Cause, by the principles of rhythm, correspondence and vibration. But what is the Greater Cause? In this era, the greater good is the greater cause, but the Great Cause is only emulated in those good causes bringing liberation to the soul of all. For when the bride is honored and the King is hailed, the truth remains in Earth; for the One is ALL in All; which leads us now, to Seven.

Finding the Oneness, we must know of the Principle Of Gender; that there is neither male nor female, but Oneness of life to all. We must likewise afford virtue, trust and confidence, the meaning of life and the Cause Of Causes, the All! It is the Androgynous Mystery, how everything in the universe has masculine and feminine qualities; defining expressions making the clarity of it's meaning a complete whole, bringing in the answers to life's toughest questions. We must shun the idea that there is any difference between two halves of one whole. Yes, it is what you think. The Ancients shamed not the androgynous of their worlds, but rather followed Thoth's Rule Of Love, through The Sermon On The Mount Of Regeneration.