If Anyone Doubts God

If anyone doubts God, that he has come down, inhabiting Me by the name Iouel, it is because they know not My Name; it is totally concealed and not shown to Humanity. As Phillip spake in his Gospel, "One single name is not uttered in the world, the name which the Father gave to the Son; it is the name above all things: the name of the Father. For the Son would not become Father unless he wore the name of the Father. Those who know this name will not speak it; and those who do not know it, never do." Only he who has been significantly marked by the numbers 6 and 7, may bear that name openly and stand as candidate to be the Chosen One; although surely may there be NO CANDIDATE, for only IOUEL, the God Of Israel, the One, the Father-Mother of Yeshu, Mani and Zoroaster; only he prevails!

Let them search the hidden things; I boldly soar beyond them saying; 'Enoch reveals it; the Chosen One is born in the end times, is a laborer and is jealous of the one claiming to be the Chosen One'. Well, it is infact the decrepid one, with his wretched finger, who is jealous of Iouel, HE One in All! A man will ask a seven day old baby the answers to life, receiving them whitless, to nourish his soul and bring back meaning, as if a sophisticated valve stopped, what with the right confession would surley flow. In that light, think of the divine nature breathing the answer, by the fragrance of Kether in that tiny Child. And know that no man may seize upon humanity, to force his god, by seduction or trickery. I Pigeradamis have removed this power from the world. For when Samael ascended, the devils could no longer exploit him.

They, the others sought to bring a great Judgment upon the Garden Of Life! But IOUEL, the God Of Abraham, Issac and Jacob heard the call of the Chosen One, who knew of a certainty, the Garden was unto Llewelyn; True Lady Of The Lake. For when Father-Mother called Me back to the Valley Of Angels, I saw the ascension of Samael, who was faithful to his repentance, preserving the Arcane Wisdom, what has forever been the Key Of Life and the only Gospel! Now the power of Satan has been lifted and they may no longer misguide humanity. For those dark spirits have none to report back to, but their victims! Let them read the Gospel Of Phillip to know of the certainty of the spirits what tempt. Let them be fully reminded of those spirits and their influence over their very bodies, even right now!

Praise IOUEL, the Spirit whereby all good things come to light, by whom is the dissolution of error. May we open our hearts to the Light Of Truth; thereby seeing IOUEL in the hearts of all Nations and Peoples. When a nation is overrun by wickedness and the poor are trampled under foot, it is they with whom Yeshu resides, it is they with whom the Angels abide. The hearts of humanity must be discovered in the Light Of Day, burning for justice due the poor, those oppressed, those afflicted and those downtrodden. Let them not fear the error of the Wicked, it is only those who follow in their error who truly stumble; it is only those who bring the spirits in, who lose. Not even the strongest of saints can see his error because of them. For inasmuch as My Name is hidden by them, do they fully hide their shame from all.