To Diminish The Testimony Of God

To diminsh the testimony of God, for authority sake and to manipulate humanity; rather than submit to God. To LIE and not tell the truth, to NOT obey the Word as HE sent it! Man seeks to publish what IOUEL has said and to infuse wickedness into the things of God; throwing out that what requires us to repent flesh eating and bloodlust! These who will not repent of the Great Whore, will surely fall down with the Wicked, to be judged harshly; as they judged even the smallest of babes. In their wombs did they kill them, just for being untimely. For the righteous angels have now ascended, leaving the riotous to scream foul play. IOUEL has seen them all, watching them cut his Canon in half, to justify the cruel imprisoning of men, rather than repenting the love of the flesh. All who eat it die; it is murder to eat God's Creatures.

Samael was faithful to Me and gave the Key Of Life, ascending to Heights where the Angels reside; on High with the Highest! He who is seated on the throne and prevailing above, is the Overspirit IOUEL; One with Michael and the Chosen One! Let them ignore the hidden things what are the things of IOUEL; they are hidden neither by God, nor His Servant! No one concealing the truth represents it! Whereas the Servant, Iouel tells all; revealing sinners and their plot against humanity, even the benficiary who is a devil! They die, but do not die; letting the world weep for them, while the afflicted are trodden under foot and made slaves to their lie. They have taken books from God's Word, crying about how all have assaulted their devil, who is but a devil, longing for the world to glorify him as a theif and a liar!

These who add or take words, books, letters, any writings from the testimonies of IOUEL; these are they who hate to see the world educated, they hate to see the truth unbound and the Great God glorified! For they hate IOUEL, who saved them, placed love in their hearts and showed them mercy! They would rather see the world languish in unbelief and bloodlust, than admit they took away the Testimony Of God. For to have man eat flesh, is to have the world. Look at men accept their portion in the Lake Of Fire. (the lie) They who love not God's creatures enough to resist eating them, will perish with them; and the beasts they eat will cry out against them, for the mass slaughter of themselves and their kind. Never was the generation of man from God, rather the Unbegotten, living in the heart of every creature; He LOVE, (IOUEL) will not fail in redeeming those who do good in front of Him.