To Those Who Will Not Hear

As long as you ignore the fact books were taken from the Bible before they told you, do not add to or take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, you can thump your Bible, pretend to be saved and get baptized to ensure your salvation; after all only one way will save, the rest are the path to hell, right? Those who likewise judge their neigbors, attacking their lifestyle or demeanor, such are agents of cruelty, who have no say in the things of Imanuel! They have not God, because they will not commit to be gentle, they will not commit to search the word of God, wherever it may lead; for therein lies the entire rub of it all.

The One we call God is IOUEL, the Ruler Of Israel. Yet there is the name of Gadriel (or Gabriel) as has been perverted into Evil Merodach, called Baal Gaad; for these held the Wisdom Of Sophia, in such courts as she ought not to have been shared. For the Wisdom Of Iouo is the Infinite Truth Of Uprightness and Hermes IS that WISDOM! Be sure there are many souls, such as live, die, reincarnate; and living from life to life, they hold a profound awareness of those past lives, seeking ever to produce some Greater Work, in spite of the Key what cannot be made void! For I desire to live here in the below, one with the above forevermore. Christ promised this Key, in that far off time of tribulation, even today. TODAY is the Day Of Salvation!

I am not committed to anything but the Key Of Life, for which I was called into this world. I am the Man Of Sin, bearing the shame of leaving hold of the many paths, held in order by the order; what order is still corrupt to this day, even as according to the words of the Apostles. For they truly knew the Man Of Galilee and walked with the person, Jesus. They would have been Zoroastrians like him, honoring Father Mother, as we secretly do today, for the glory of the One. O' That One, unassuming yet all revealing. There is no need for any judgement, but that there can be no "JUDGEMENT!!!" Life is too perfect without it. For the seeming severity of the actual Judgement is negligible, when compared to the lies indulged to spread the myths of the Cross Of Light. There is in fact a real judgement of sorts, and a law that transcends the understanding of those not equipped to know it.

Walking in the Light is easy when we throw out the idol, admit that only The One, Iouel (Lord God) may be glorified in the Highest, not as a mere man! For I am a mere man, who will forever convey the hope of joy; Imanuel, superceding all other sincere paths, by authority of My Word; what word speaks NONE, as the Authority which may NOT be written down, which may not be documented with any SEAL of Presbytery or Layperson. For it is within you, and you may not reveal what it teaches; the Lord teaches us slowly, leaving us to forget, until the next time he Lights upon us with the revealtion of all things. In the end, if we are worthy, the Light will shine like the Noon Day and save us to the Utmost, by the very promised Key Of Life; promised even by all the prophets, as Mercy.

Take Up Reason

When will men take up reason, worship it, put on Wisdom and become the Gods I have called them to be? I am a fragile man, whose strength is perfected in weakness, never seeking glory above the All, but being the same man of god, who always comes to show men the Light. While I am NOT them, because the Spirit was the same, we are in fact one another and the body of the Being Of All. God becomes humanity, by way of initiatory means and the dispensation of spiritual heritage; the children of the Light reflecting the Way Of Goodness. A man may dispense the very essence of life, but fall to the depths of shame for lack of vision. For it is by every word what proceeds from out of the INFINITE MOUTH alone.

We should put The Law above all other interests in life, so as to see and experience the fullness of life. Attention to detail is the very life breath; for without reason, there is no truth and without Truth, the very source of life's lessons, we lose our way and discover life to be meaningless, when infact truth is refusing to yeild what is NOT true; that there is no hope. We must always be happy and positive, even if we live in the very valley of death's shadow. God will deliver the Elect and reveal his Key to all of Humanity. The next ten thousand years will bring a progression of the perfecting of truth. For it is NOT their God who is wrong, but their teachers, who would rather eat flesh and teach "mankind" to dominate the Earth.

So what is the Law? It is the Word bathed in heaven, (seated in the highest place of morale, goodwill and spiritual attainment) that what never ever fails, always bringing redemption to the aspirant and the ascendant alike. The angels of our better nature would be found in that place of our highest and most noble endeavor. For the place of Spirit is infinite and keeps going, worlds without end. It doesn't need a body. YOU ARE THAT! And yet they would ask, "how can a world NOT end?" By the same means as it is held together; the Infinite All! That what is NOT, but is the very womb out from which all things are formed consist. That what is nameless, but the very source of name and reason. IOUEL, the Lord God of heaven and earth! He alone is Imanuel! He is the source of all religion, but none may attain him!

It is Imanuel whom Jesus promised would be born in that time of far off tribulation; the Chosen One to appear, bearing the Key Of Life, that the children in the Garden would lie down and rise up with that Son Of Humanity forever and multiply their years to infinity! We must understand that the LORD GOD has spoken many times, to many peoples, eon, upon eon, up to this very hour. None may escape the destiny of the Law. It is INFINITE and it is ALL! By IOUEL, Mother Of All The Living, may you be blessed and find the Light Of All Truth! It is relished within the circles of any true religion. But like and by the Infinite Swan and by it's virtue, will they skew away the lies and find the light of uprightness, by the Hermetic Writ. They will put on this Key!

The Almighty Will Kill All The Wicked

The Almighty will kill all the wicked! Those who try to SAY what GOD has said, not Imanuel. Enoch warned us that Gadriel, would be known as GOD. This name is deception; we know that the order of Yaldaboath has established what we see as the truth, concealing My Name Iouel! Yet there is another whose name was exchanged for Evil. These ministers take a single book, to say that it holds all the answers to life; and that all other sources of information for such purposes, should be considered false and of the ENEMY, Satan! They should know that I am their Accuser and I will accuse them before the LORD, for disobeying the first commandment of God; Love Thy Neigbor, even as theyself. Those who do not believe in loving their fellows, will die!

Those who HATE the Word, seek to deceive Humanity with books, lies and threats; these have taken away many testimonies from what God has said. They will pay in hell for their lies and their love of money. Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Garden Of God. They will eat the fruit of the vine and make meats from plant based nutrients, living on and on, without end; even as the Earth abides forever! Those with all the knowledge would seek to know how a world could be endless, but it is THEY who do not really believe Iouo, the LORD! When we are balanced, the Earth will know harmony again; and when we do not stray, she will become brighter and brighter, shining forever, without end of days.

When the above and the below are one, we shall live on and on, like the spirirts around My Throne in the above. I have not memory of it, only the knowing of the LORD, with intensity and fervor. He was with me from birth, and became my God from my mothers womb. I am only a man, but also a child of the Light, with the Key Of Life in hand, to hold me safe for now and all eternity. The Law is my True Father and I am one with the Light, out from which I have appeared. Those who will read the scriptures, should search ALL scriptures, even every book ever used, to bring glory to the Creator. 

It is the Initiates who fill the gaps of understanding, and while the Lord is able to accomplish his work around their mistakes, they have still displeased the Almighty, by pretending to hold the Authority of the Word. They have taken away many books and principles, leaving Christianity a dead religion! And while the LORD is still mighty to save, THEY have disobeyed him and lied with the rulers of this world; those who love wealth and themselves only. They care not for the poor or bringing them the Key Of Life, in the Garden Of God. They have their reward! The One who takes My Key and wears it faithfully, loving Imanuel and Humanity, that one will never ever die!