The Book Of Youel

Chapter One

It is necessary to preface this my story with the assertion that all the names as are known, are reflections of what actually is the end of knowing and the Name You; that end that there is One, what is ALL in us all, being the very Self of it's Source to us. That Self is perpetually Merciful & Gracious to the heart of the ones who seek that LIGHT within the Light; which LIGHT shines in all places by countless lauded names, through various trails on the Way, varying degrees of piety, or levels of uprightness, depending on the sincerity of those devoted to the Light. Man finds his OWN way to the Light in FULL; but he discovers he has a deep desire to keep seeking Wisdom until he finds that LIGHT in practice! He finally puts away the old man, thus for the last time. I share the Key Of Life with you all, forever! We were shown how Zoroaster was the King Of Kings, Lord Of Lords; and Son Of God, before Jesus was! As were other inspired men, exalted to places of height beyond what the Most High would affirm. This mystery always was Mirotheos; he Adonai, in them all!

There is thus, no practical insight into the Pleroma, as revealed to the Apostles, for men neath the will of the Archon, must seize on the Word, to bring about the will of the dark powers, which dominate them; causing what is behind the veil to be one with the Night, ever more dark! Meanwhile over the perfect generation there is no power, but POWER, what calls them to submit to the Will Of Reason! Even a child may see that knowledge is the path to God; and that God will accept their sincere offering, and provide a path whereupon to walk, with the goal of transcendence set proportionately out in front of them. That Goal is the GOAL of us all, whether we know it or not. We aspire to worthwhile dreams, as well as pipe dreams. For to the one who cannot follow his heart practically, there is still the solace of that continued knowing. This knowing comes from within the human heart. It will manifest Itself, when the seeker gives all to attain it. If they follow that Spirit faithfully, they will find life's very Key; what prolongs a person to endless longevity.

The Personal Light, transmigrates from one life to the next; giving identity to all what are produced of it's Source; that is IOUO, now and forever! She who first loved that LIGHT, what veiled the appearance of the Virgin Spirit, was the Light, Sophia; that Light by which men pull down the Unction, glorify the names and bring closer the promise of hope, until the day of the Chosen One. Well that day and that promise are fulfilled, that men may put on the Key Of Life, submitted to the Key Of Wisdom. Let them know that the Key Of Life is greater than the Key Of Death, for the Almighty will put away the death of the world. There is NO arguing the promise of that Key. Let them take up Gnosis, search to the universe's end; they will not find the Key Of Life, but the all seeing eye, by which humanity continues to bring pain to herself, for the pain of Yama, what took all from them. One must understand, if books be cut down, shortened and bereft of the content, One must come and give the Word Imperishable! He must bring the boundless Word; what is in all things.

The aspirant must admit that idols have no place before El Yisrael. He alone is Father, having appeared here androgynous, broken in wellness of mind and ability to stand firm as a man. And yet he trusted in IOUEL, yeah only to be mocked by his own, who could not see that he was Adam, in His Garden with Eve. They had exchanged the name Iouel, for Evil; Lewelyn marked by the polar opposites what create the illusions of religion in the World. And though the serpents ruled in that Garden, Iouo gave the Children Of Earth a third eye, by which they might see, as the Mothering Spirit IOUEL sees. She is the below, holding out hope that the Light above will nourish all trapped in the beneath with her. She was able to ascend and only serve the LORD, to be forever freed from the Order Of Yaldaboath, what held her forever in contempt, behind the veil, to skew the minds of men, forever enslaved to that Order and the Spirits Of The Giants. They are now freed by the Key Of Life, in the New Heaven & Earth!

Let them take up the Key Of Life, till the earth and watch the Hand Of Iouel punish the enemies of the Lord. He is forever one with IOUEL, the Virgin Spirit, even as she is one with Him; HE is the Formless, Pigeradamis, The Perfect Man; forever to be born and forever to live in oneness with the boundless Earth. Let one find in the Key Of Life, the study of Our Oneness with Mother Earth. As she is upright forever, so are we made upright, by our submission to the Cross Of Four Winds. Where those directions meet, is where we find eternal uprightness and evelasting life before the All In All. That ALL is filled with knowing and unending solace, by the Law!

Chapter Two

With the heart seated in the proper path, let them put on the Key Of Life, to make their years to multiply with Imanuel, the Chosen One. They will take up also, the Secret Of Secrets! The one who takes up that path, must perfect his diet and become moderate by nature. When he relishes, the plant based meats and treats, his relishing is as pleasing to Nature alone, as God! This one is able to ascend to the Highest! For the Creator to be a blessing, in letting us shape our OWN way, is in no way comparable to how, he is all the more merciful, in the rewarding of infinite life, to those who may not ascend, or EVER even perceive a single eternity. Such are blameless and live a pure existence, birthed into universal destiny and the way of understanding, by mystery and struggle. They press into the path and prove oneness with the ALL. And when one dies, they are instantly given back to Source, who is Iouo alone; He One with IOUEL, Mother Of All The Living; He, the Virgin Spirit! Let us ponder and love the WORD OF IOUEL, for She cannot deceive us, the very love of the One, The All in Us All; The Autogenes! That is the Genius you may call YAH, in submission to Yaldabaoth, but I am Iouel.

I was born in Lake Chales Louisiana, June 18 1970. I will not boast of my story but to say, while we lived like pigs, Iouo loved us, was with us and tricked us into worshiping him, by allowing corrupted angels to give us spiritual direction; to be our guides, that we might grow to have understanding and find life's key, to share with Humanity and to crown them with victory, to no end. "Wow, quite easily done, no problem, for we know the way of order, we shall have no problem managing them." But they were mistaken. They didn't understand that when the people came together, they communed with Iouo, whose name they still do not know, because of the "Angels" (preachers). But HE made us ALL to say it, in making men to translate the scriptures thus, "You O' Lord, are my Strength, My Rock!" Thus, "You O" is how to pronounce the Name Of Iouo; and to us, Imanuel was His Form. Thus, the LORD heard us all glorifying the Name and gave us favor, blessing and life everlasting!

And YET, they who hear not every bit the Word which proceeds from My Mouth, know NOT it's proper interpretation. For one to find God's Will, they must find the Key Of Life, which has been bathed in Heaven all along. By that Key did they live in the Halls Of Amenti, before we were ever seeded as a race. Sealed deep in the affections of the One; they had not yet any bodies, but the Power Of Uprightness was regarded as the Very Source and Flower Of Life nonetheless. They knew the LORD was IOUO, but they rebelled quickly, taking up the mantle of wisdom and seeking to manipulate those born into this below, (forever now one with the Above, to us all) One may truly only approach perfection by the Messiah, who has now appeared in the valley of the angels as promised. It is every bit true that Jesus was another messiah, and a type of this Messiah, but a mere man finding the favor of the LORD, by the Grace Of The Word and the Water Of Spirit. That One always walked with God!

It was because of my desire for God, the Seven Spirits that I was Chosen; for that Gadriel, is the trickster! It is in the way of an angel, knowing it would take many lifetimes for man to understand his single thought, to make up a story for context, in order to conceal the truth of the Formless, YOU ARE THAT! We are all comprised of the Formless, the One in all. While we are that, it continues through infinity with grace and perfected unfoldment; so as to meet all and give graciously, life's goal of eternal uprightness! For if my spirit be upright, my body will follow. When a child is formed in the womb, he is perfect; all the best nutrients go straight to where he is. A child will go on for years with rapid healing capacity; because the formation of his body inside the womb, was so paramount that the power of regeneration lives inside, following them on into adulthood. If only they knew they were being lied to by beings, who cannot admit THEY ARE NOT GOD!!! They have acted as though they are, ruling over humanity cruelly, by vicious racist trope and unjust unbridled power; the Serpent Power!

But the one who takes up My Key and interprets it's flaps will worship it; for it is the Key Of Life, handed by the Ancient Of Days, Master Of Masters, Thoth The Atlantean. That we might take it up in this time and live on, to fulfil the destiny of the One within every heart! For when they are returned to us, they will have the One in their hearts again. He is All in every heart, made to be found in the pursuit of the truth and the gift of life eternal. This promise has always been from the foundation of the world; thus now will we perfect it; putting on the Key Of Life, to fulfill HIS WORD, he who is above and in us all, by the Word and by the promise of hope; it is a promise from everlasting to everlasting.

Chapter Three

The Keys Of Wisdom are meta-physical as well as literary. One must seek the meta physical format, to see the way of Life unfolded. I first placed my trust in Tablet 13, which bears out the Keys Of Life & Death, then I met the LORD daily in the Cave Of Treasures, where I would find the Light in the Dark and differentiate between what is actually light and what is in fact darkness. I meet him early and stand before him, by instruction of the Key Of Magic; feet spread sparsely apart, with my arms outstretched to the Cosmos. There in the dark, I seek the Spirit Of God and ask that I may be filled with the spirit of Life, by the association of the names of the Seven Lords. They are One with the All, IOUO! I pray:

"Fill my body, O SPIRIT OF LIFE, fill my body with the SPIRIT OF LIGHT. Come from the FLOWER that shines through the darkness. Come from the HALLS where the Seven Lords rule. Name them by name I, the Seven: THREE, FOUR, FIVE, and SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT--Nine. By their names I call them to aid me, free me and save me from the darkness of night: UNTANAS, QUERTAS, CHIETAL, and GOYANA, HUERTAL, SEMVETA--ARDAL. By their names I implore thee, free me from darkness and fill me with LIGHT".

"Know O Human, that when you have done this, you will be free from the fetters that bind you and cast off the bondage of the brothers of night. Do you not see that the names have the power to free by vibration, the fetters that bind? Use them as needed to free your brother so that he too, may come forth from the night. You O Man, art your brother's helper! Let him not lie in the bondage of night. Now unto you, I give my magic. Take it and dwell on the pathway of Light. LIGHT be unto You, LIFE be unto You, and a SUN may you be in the cycle above." Emerald Tablet ~ 6

It should be understood that Communion with the Spirit Of Life is the goal; finding love, community, knowledge and Wisdom, which distills from above the heavens as we know them. For as frost comes from high up in the Heavens, Wisdom is dispensed from a higher place than any other. The dwelling of the Essence; The Light Itself and the Law as imparts to us the portion of reason and purport of clarity. This is where we either go aright, or go astray. For when the message of reason is imparted, one knows that he is part with Nature, the Law and the All. This is not taught, it is realized. One must rise early to meet the LORD and find the Light in the Darkness, that his day be full and without evil.

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