Angel Of Eternal Life

The fourth Communion is with the Angel of Eternal Life

The Angel of Eternal Life,

Who brings the message of eternity

To man.

For he who walks with the Angels

Shall learn to soar

Above the clouds,

And his home shall be

In the Eternal Sea

Where stands the sacred Tree of Life.

Do not wait for death

To reveal the great mystery;

If you know not your Heavenly Father

While your feet tread the dusty soil,

There shall be naught but shadows for thee

In the life that is to come.

Here and now

Is the mystery revealed.

Here and now

Is the curtain lifted.

Be not afraid, O man!

Lay hold of the wings of the

Angel of Eternal Life,

And soar into the paths of the stars,

The moon, the sun,

And the endless Light,

Moving around in their

Revolving circle forever,

And fly toward the Heavenly Sea Of Eternal Life.