Father I Call YOU Alone

By the example of Thine Infinite Word, fullfilling Jeremiah 31:34, Father I call YOU alone, knowing that unto us all, your name is always after the First Person. As Thou alone art the Original Cosmic Thought, so are you Father Geradama(s), the One Lord! Thou Art LORD of every mind, in every head. And may the Light of Truth be a blessing to those who do not see what the spirits of the Giants have done to mankind; even to us all! It wasn't enough the Almighty destroyed them for being the night's gloom in all of Sophia's Creation! The bitter ones will the Father teach of vanity, and how they were unaware that their Messiah came in the end; even unto all of the human race; He Youel!

His Way is of no consequence to those who continue not in His Word, thus must they give their lives a sacrifice; for those who are unworthy of the LORD, have given themselves to vanities and the presumption that they are Gods, but they are not! Alas they are not God's and their Christ shall never prevail. He shorteneth the Scripture, accusing the Berean of heresy. How shall the LORD abide those who continue hiding the awful thing which Wisdom hath documented? She concealed for the safety of Humanity, but thou o' illuminauti... YOU have sought to conceal Aadamas, who hath patiently and willfully brought forth the fullness of the Hermetic Unction, that he may bear out the Key Of Life to all of Humankind. Now your false Messiah bears out shamefulness and despair to man, banishing the Key Of Life from before his eyes.

For only by the authority of the Ancient Of Days, may we finally have our eyes opened to what Babylon hath hid. We know Thor cut off Jormangandr's head, to bring the end to the reign of the Giants. We were always told that WE were the ones the LORD wanted to kill in his flood, but this is a lie; the flood the LORD did bring to destroy those things will never be repeated. It is the Illuminati who don't want us seeing the flatness of Earth, because this will prove God is REAL. That he let the angels forego the way of the heavens and of the stars, to appear in the below and create the life and world we which see, concealing it's true nature. And that is not evolution, but the POWER of God Almighty and IOUEL, the Infinite Spirit; forever Father-Mother, above and below!

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