Come Unto Me All Creatures

Come unto me all creatures; every creature, every child, every mother, every father in the world. I am Youel, foretold of the Christ, in all of the prophets. That what is hidden from you bears full Testimony Of My Appearance. It is your masters, the Masons and fallen initiates whom you do not see; but you do see that it is they who have hidden the truth from you. If you cannot admit that the Bible should not be used for spiritual guidance, then you are not really a Christian. Jesus did not suffer for the sins of the world; and never was he at odds with the House Of Iouel.

It is they who referred to Adam as Yew, because to them ATUM was The Father. Thus Adam is really Pigeradamis, who references his fathers name to prove himself the Chosen One; and he bears the Key Of Life to all humanity. We are not Gods, we are fragile Children Of The Light, and Our Heritage is LIGHT! We have no right to be physical priests and kings, affirming believers by a cheap writ of parchment. It is the Chosen One who shows the Path Of Propriety. Extending the Scroll, so it may be read, as described of the Holy Streams; he who truly hears, reads the scroll.

The Key Of Life is the way which I direct; the Path Of Propriety is True Christianity. Let one sleep with their head pointed to the north, then daily take a rest, with their head pointing toward the south. And Let them daily remember Atonement before Almighty God, never abandoning Him. These know the Word, that the LORD is more merciful than we fragile, selfish humans can bear to comprehend. But we must turn to the LORD, knowing that all know him. Knowing that only the One may relieve the shame of all sin and give them the very key of prolonging eternity.

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