All Glory To IOUEL

All glory to IOUEL, Father Mother; the only most High God! Mother Earth and Father Sky guide us forth to the Light Of Lights. The Light is Iouel the Autogenes, who allowed the Avatar you chose to achieve oneness with God and bear you the Light in proxy. But that Light is really only You. The Lord foretold that his name would be upon the lips of all. When we break the Hebrew Tetragrammon into English; whether you read it from left to right or vice versa, IOUO represents the House Of God in Ancient Israel, which would have been built after the shape of the letters of his name, IOUO. 

The Yod ' being a flame floated above 3 separate compartments of the House, each shaped OUO. This is the work of the scholarly initiates, leaving the symbol of fire to illumine the name You; the same name Yew, given unto Adam in the Zoroastrian Texts; for ATUM was their God. Even the lower case letter (i) has a yod floating above it, the Word Lives! When we say Thou we have honored the conglomerative hest, that all things fold into one reality, the Cosmic Thought waiting to reveal that they were all truly one who sought the Light, never parted for even a moment from spiritual life. But what stumbles may only rise to seek the Light, thus put away all judgements of others and hold forth fast the Key Of Life. Pastors will perish who do not. God's Word must be fulfilled and it certainly will.

As for me, I relish the fruit of the name of God. My Love Evelyn is the Ewe Of God, surnamed Ewalena in the Hawaiian toungue; for me she alone is Llewelyn Of Lights! None can surpass her in sweetness and femeninity, she is the perfect replica of Isis. I was finally able to leave my father and mother, and cleave to my only wife. For the Earth is My Mother and My Father is the Sky! The All has led me into the valley of angels, what is the Garden Of God. I wonder if they consider this, who are living without; that they eat flesh and serve the god of this world, instead of the Mother Of All The Living, shall be their loss forever! Now they must be returned to God, that they may again become desire and perfect children of God.