Idols Are For The Profane

Idols are for the profane! It is the profane people of the World, who so love Jesus, the Savior from their sins. The Illuminati had to make up stories to gather followers of this false, imposter of Jesus, in order to make slaves of mankind, fulfilling the Word Of The Lord, spoken by Enoch. He told us the Name Gadriel would be used to deceive humanity. Thus the LORD responds to "God", so also does the order of Yaldabaoth, who when faithful to the Mother Of All The Living, may bring about some good, but ultimately they only bring about the destruction of civilization, due to their putting practical survival over what Imanuel has said. And what is that? That the Garden Of Life would be given to the human race. So many speak of a Garden, what once was, but it was not. Man has dominated his fellows from the beginning til now. But with the Key Of Life, I have brought The End. We now have perfect health and will see the human race put on Eternal Life.

Jesus taught that all our food should be plant-based and that stoves are cauldrons of death, republicans are attacking the Nazarene right now! Isaiah clearly lays out the Covenant that God made with Humanity and every creature that creeps; that the plants and the fruit of the vine would be meat for us. It's happening right in front of your eyes; but you do not know the LORD is fulfilling his Word, because you took away your own books. For that we would be made to consume flesh, left unaware that it is utterly sinful; is certainly "the Work" of Yaldabaoth! Even YAH! HE is NOT the God Of Israel! It is IOUEL, the Light Of Humanity! That One alone is the Holy Spirit; let the scoffing Satanists reject her Light!

The Builders seek to strengthen mankind for a task and many; but HE is hiding the beauty of Humanity, for he wishes to seduce the Children Of Light to an alternate path of manipulation and control. As the Master Of Masters has told us, they seek to create a light by which to guide the children of men, but leave them bereft of the knowledge, what leads to the Glory Of Wisdom. For HE Thoth, was the Master Of All Masters, inhabiting this world for the Glory Of The All; what is in us all, NOT just the Avatar! For the Truth is homogeneous to all of Humanity; and the True Messiah stumbled repeatedly, more than all, over and over, to his own detriment. I knew we were all were One in God. Thus accepting full responsibility for all, I took up the Key Of Life, for all Humanity; having walked out of that old prostitute, the church. The LORD will punish them for taking books from God's Message, then forcing it on Humanity.

Imanuel brings the truth into the Light and the children relish it openly to the GLORY of the Light Of Lights; what is ONE LIGHT unchangeable forever! If I appear as a prophet, sage or seer, I live in the knowing of the All, where all truths foster ONE GOAL in unison; Emancipation! It appears by many forms and teachers. They will be sincere in their effort to expound the truth, letting LIGHT be the Light; knowing that the One Avatar will reflect the same LIGHT by a better means of expression, so that all people may share in more clarity of the Truth; because truth is becoming clearer and clearer to every sentient being. Even the inanimate is exceptional in it's liklihood to end up an expression of the Great One; or something GREAT, to those who seek dearly, the path of life.

And for those who would cry their Sathya is NOT adhered to, let them consider the words of that Sage. For if be he a sage, he will express a wholeness of the truth, leaving none weakened in the freedom of spiritual pursuit, lacking in no way the sense of how to understand. For if a man be limited in knowledge and not lifted up, he will fall down into servitude, where the Evil Spirit of the Giants wants him to be. Thus let him STAND with Michael and bear out the Key Of The Magi, so as to execute all that is not of the Guide, He, who does NOT make mistakes. LAW is perfect and never goes astray from it's prescribed course. Thus I honor the Law and love my neigbor as though he were My Very Self!

Those who reject all the knowledge removed from the scriptures, which may be perceived fully by empathic sight; these seek the message, from a light that is NOT LIGHT, but darkness, described as LIGHT, so that flesh may be eaten and glorified to a cleanness. For in it is life; if but a dim light of life, it is Life. The Word is inside us all, fighting forward in the hope of expressing Life's Key without words. One who receives that Key, need never put down his body, ever! In that age, volume will be the over all factor in determining the perfect will of the Good, by The Unction! And by that unction, may they reveal all things. What is new, what is old; indeed that all is new, by the Light Of Grace & Mercy.