Samael Told A Half Truth

We ARE that Primal Breath! But Samael told a half truth. There's no need to ever compete for it. Upon seeing that 'I am God', I perceive this reality deep within me and also even without me; yes, it is utterly and completely without me! Even if I killed myself, the One will appear in my own stead to carry out the Will Of Autogenes, the One who needs me in absolutely no way to carry out the administration of truth's fullness to Humankind. Rather, with the wise should I point all towards IOUO, who is the Infinite All, that what is a nameless, formless, beginninless everlastingness, even unto Us All Forevermore!

But only when they find Iouel may IOUO be found; for the thrice named Pigeradamas, revealed fully by the number of his name and by the sounding out of it, can be superceded by none of Earth's Ministers. He Is Atum, The Atman and Prema Sai! By right was he born in the West, moving west even to the end of earth, that place of the Elect, where there are mountains in every direction. From there will he dispense the Key Of Life to all of Humanity. Finally the world will see Me sharing His Perfect Word by Phanuel and rejoice forever; knowing only the One could have given All Unto All.

God has come to be known as IOUEL to the Elect; The Holy Spirit, who is Mother Of All The Living, only by the excellent Name Of Iouel. She can never mislead us, for she can NOT be misled. Almighty God has given Her to us in all things forevermore. Holy Spirit will never fail to lead us into the promises which God has prepared for us, by the Blossom Of Life. If we fail, we must be reborn later to receive the Key Of Life in the forevermore. All are forgiven and none can die before Me, for I recall every spirit-soul back to My Bosom.