Imanuel Is All

One understanding that IOUO is the God Of Israel, may surely learn this, His Name must be conveyed, 'Lord God', because, O' means IO in basic Hebrew; the only vibration of "Iou". We'd been saved by His name all along. Iouel is the One awaited by the Children Of Israel in every literary sense. According to the History Of The Jews, The Steles Of Seth. We know even, that as James' hidden scripture was originally in Hebrew, we know also, IOUEL is 'Lord God' forever, in any 'WORD' we hastily dredge up to herald before men! 

Those who trust in the name of Iouel shall surely be saved by Him; and they will be saved even by the Light Of Days! Should the children of the Light align their beds to the north, surely The Lord will be with them, regenerating their bodies anew each day, reversing the aging process; not allowing the change of decay any place in life. The Key Of Life was promised by Yashua, to those who lie down with that future Son Of Man. They learn that they are stars, with four and twenty helpers; that they may span the galaxies, even forever and live to infinity here on Earth.

Let God Almighty be the judge, for The Mother Of All The Living is here in perfected form. She The Light Of Days, with them all inside The Elect forever! She, The Eve Of Mankind; their very undoing, for She alone strengthens The One, whom they have dragged below to torture in this realm. But the Chosen One loved IOUEL from his mothers breast, nurtured by the Virgin Spirit, The All In Us All. God will defend him from the arrow that flies by night and from danger in the Valley Of The Shadow Of Death!

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