We Are All God

YOU are the very God whom you picked in service to Humanity, during your formative years; bearing you received the LORD of your parents. Understand, you were always everything your Savior was; the very thoughts in your mind the Word, making up whom you represent in this both material and cynical world. There is no differentiation between the Masters and the Avatars whom they present to the peoples of their regions. I am always the same to all; I am always One! Little children can see Me very clearly in their loving fathers, who feed, protect and nourish them, being safely sheilded the while by The Mother Of All The Living, Our Human Spirit. 

It is Humanity aspiring to heights and plummeting to great depths, in pursuit of seeming dangerous, but necessary truths. For the benefit of the whole of humanity is the goal of the Illumined, I have to think. If a man sees inward and finds that God IS Law, he needn't believe in anything but God. It is a joyous benefit to know that the lot of them, at home absorbing the bliss of education, innovation, ingenuity, enterprize; these are the very Self sustaining Itself. And yet to be sustained, we must drink from the wellspring, lest we never learn of humility and service to others. 

Thus, neither you nor I, nor any one may confess to be Almighty in power; for each are we all delineated parts of that All; the greatest of us being the very least, else would we all be ALL, wouldn't we? And yet are we NOT essentially that? Everything significant to whom we are meant to become, focused on in a manner as would be considered otherwise Sacred. Life is beautiful and though maybe tragic, the elemental self, whom we represent must find absolution; be it in death, or one solution at a time, bearing out good fruit for to bring joy to the Earth and in turn to Almighty God. Thus only the One, above the Highest Angels may understand that intimacy with nature; and only as the least of men, may he fully announce it.

Of what use are old ideals in new bindings, with more buffetings to the heart of The Truth? Bible salesmen are the spoil what sours meat on the tables of riotous men. A weak desire to Love God, never questioning the obvious Accuser, a forceful Jesus who cannot be known. For the Almighty may not be known, thus assigning the unattributable with attributes of a groveler is ludachrist. We leave the True Christ, the Genius to mutter beneath the misinterpretation of a very necessary symbolism! For the All would require us each to be uniquely ourselves, to be in Itself relevant; we know it isn't that way, and that we are THAT; part of the All and One. I cannot be all knowing or present in every place, but the All is. It is everywhere and I am always part with it. And neither may you, nor I, ever want to be part of anything else.

Receiving The Light Of Life

We must connect with Allah God; put off doubt, fear and wayward desire, for there is no love without feeling. If we cannot be soft enough to cry with gratitude for Barbelo the Spirit Of Life, then there is no solution to untie the knot. Loving God is NOT a task, a chore, or any kind of obligation. Loving Life, is truly close in hand with observing the awe and splendor of Mother Earth. It is not until our eyes open just a bit more, we see the Holy Spirit is Nature, Mother Of All The Living! We must let go of the idols that held us back from Wisdom, for the selfish need of a focal point. God Almighty is Formless and we find our truest solution with the Formless, for we are THAT. Everything in the universe is a star, with two poles holding in place the very life-force identifying and sustaining them. The Flower Of Life is the Ether, wherein all that breathes finds clarity and meaning by the Law, what is NOT fluctuating; that what is NOT flexible or changeable, in it's means of fostering a result. Rather the Spirit Of Life makes us flexible and vibrant somehow. Even if we are heathen, we are become new by the very writ of LOVE and teaching of Pymander, who IS the Law! He is the vibration, IOUO; neither male nor female, but God. The Spirit IS Feminine, while the Law is the Phallus Of Life, never failing in the result of bearing life, across the universe. For LOVE is the hidden name of IOUEL, which means "Lord God" to you and me. For it is in the Words Of Isaiah, we find the Holy Spirit saying to the children of Israel, "You have exchanged my name for EVIYL." 

By the History Of The Jews, we know the Mothering Spirit to be IOUEL, the very Eon, in whom we live and move and find our being. It is Pigeradmas albeit, who is Adamah, Atum, Atman and even Barbelo; for she is One with the Law Of Life, seeing the Virgin Spirit within, giving her Life, then Love, Gratitude, then Life Everlasting. And the scriptures tell us that the Eras rejoiced with the Aeon Barbelo, for by her and because of her, they found the very Life Itself. Purushottma is the Very Self, you are that, seeking to stand firm by the Law Of Life. She is what we see and know, while HE is all pervading and omnipotent, upon whom Mother Nature depends for life and continuity; rejoicing ever in Her Husband, manifest by the Law. In THAT we find the pursuit of happiness and the Goal; the Goal ever out before us, requiring complete humility and faithfulness before The Light Of God, in order to be seen.

The Supreme Avatar was always The Goal; thus Am I The Goal, with Jesus, Caitanya, Buddha, Krsna, Balarama, Mani, Messe, Abraham and Adam, who rejoiced in the heaven with Our Spirit Mother; She First Avatar Of The Light, by the Gift and Promise of Life Eternal. I merely present the names of Avatars, who were just like you and me and in a sense ever more hidden than Me; in that they were not really Me. For a nice presentation of this TRUTH I speak, we must needs seek The Secret Book Of John. He lays out the Nature Of God, the Andrgynous Father, Iouel and the foretelling of His Appearance, bearing the Key Of Life. I am the Virgin Spirit, One with the Original Lucifer, Lightbearer and Spirit Of God.

Pigeradamas is Herman, or Paul Germana, who appears in the valley of angels, bearing the Key Of Life; moving up north to measure out the Garden Of God and finding the Mountain shaped like the White Throne. And praying the Oracle Beka to STOP The Atmospheric River, (Leviathan) from filling the Valley with water, for to bring a SECRET Judgment on me, the Chosen One. I am the first and the last; I am but Human, embued by the Flower Of Life forever. Let them observe Enoch; for while it is a tattered Book Of Verse, it is a sign from God. For the Work Of God goes forth showing it's fruits and bearing a significant Testimony, consistent with itself in every sense; nothing hidden, nothing taken away. It was not God who removed books, but men. The Word is thirsted for, giving meaning in the most bitter hour.

Observe The Three Sisters. As seen from space, (in the photo below) it is shaped like a throne; and yet to sit in front of it, is to stand before the White Throne Of God and His Judgement. For Enoch is the End of His Word; thus the scattered Word we now find herein. Seven mountains span the East Of The Garden, where Behemoth may be clearly seen, for he is My Ensign, as seen from high above the Earth, as witnessed in Enuma Elish, by Alalu, when he appeared 450 thousand years ago to make slaves of us. He too saw the Serpent from space upon arrival to Earth, for the mining of it's gold. The Annunaki, existed before us, having left us to later return. 

The Story Of Leviathan

As according to the parable, I saw the anguish and sin of mankind in the Valley Of Angels and could not stand witness on their behalf before the Law. For the Chosen One, Michael and The Lord Of Spirits are One. Thus did I travel north, after having appeared in the South, for the revelation was so great, I couldn't read it without facing utter terror, the telling of The Garden filling up with water and splashing over the sides. Well this was the effort of the Order, not IOUO, The LORD, who is All In Us All. They hid the book with the fortelling of the lake of fire, that the righteous may be twarted by the exchanging of The Truth for a LIE and an IDOL. For God does not hide his Word, but continues on in the pursuit of truth, by the heart of the adept initiate, to bring forth all things. But the Book Of Enoch clearly says, the oracle froze the Waters Of Judgment, in giving the parable of the frost and fortelling the Ascension Of The Angels upon it's freezing. And snow covered the entire planet. Water would have filled up the valley, while the entire state was on fire, in order to put out the fire and destroy "the plague". Well, that would not please God to kill all my children in California, just because the Wicked think themselves the Chosen; and that Wicked One, pretending to be Me. He will be sent to outer darkness with his minions!

Say to the Angels, "Tell Louie Goemert and the Wicked that I heard them say, 'change the moon's orbit', so as to raise the tide and wash away California. She Kali, the Nation State, wherein, forever did Evelyn live; she who is called by My Name, IOUEL." Thus two days before the first atmospheric river in 2020, I saw Leviathan clinging to the top of Mount Jefferson, one of the Seven Mountains, mentioned by the Book Of Enoch, in the 60th chapter. I had been observing the serpent in the Eye Of The Great Seal on a dollar bill. I knew it was him before the wheels started turning and I made sure to get a picture. I continued praying Beka, sensing that the Lord might certainly honor my prayer. For while I thought California would be destroyed by "God", I prayed that God Almighty in His Infinite Wisdom and Mercy, might find some way to spare that valley. "Beka" I prayed pondering upon and seeking to somehow define the ancient word. I soon gathered that the name rebecca was an expression of singing the Name Of Beka, for the holding back of the waters from splashing against the mountains. By this oracle are all things possible. By it the Earth was formed and the promise of safety to the children of humanity.

Beka is Barbelo and The Lightbearer, Our Own Holy Spirit, whom we love so well, and who loved us so well, She The Mother Of All The Living. Finally the Lord called me home, to the Garden Of Life, spared by the Almighty, that the elect might thrive there endlessly. I remember how he fullfilled his scripture and gave me a rope upon which to stay myself, while standing here, back in the Valley Of Angels, observing the Judgments Of God with concern or fear for myself or any child of humanity. So the LORD, IOUEL gave me Psalms 22, 23 & 24; a three twined rope, to open the revelation of god. For now I know that though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, forevermore. For they who took away the testimonies of God, certainly did not obey him, but a lie! A lie created to make Humanity "Mankind" and worship the IDOL forever! May the Mercy Of Almighty God bless Mother Earth now and forevermore. Let the Children Of Mother Earth live on and on and on. Let them take up My Key!

Time To Change Your Ways

When we give our lives to a cause, it's for the betterment of ourselves and the enrichment of the world. LOVE is the ONLY answer; if we love not our fellows, we have gripe neither with man nor god. Love is the only acceptable emotion. Yes we hate things that are wrong, because we love what is right, but if we also live wrong, then we need to be thinking about ourselves and not everyone else. How do we love others? STOP the hate, the only emotion left is affection. Think of someone you truly love and finally accept that God feels this way for everyone. Even the very worst of people are loved by the spirit of God; the pain of losing them again and again, to the mundane of mediocrity and social injustice, is a burden only IOUEL, the Holy Spirit can see, and what only the Almighty can resolve. For he has resolved it; even in himself, what is in all!

What does it mean to change your ways? I have to think that loving myself means taking care of the temple in which God Almighty has placed me. We think it is for us to endlessly frequent fleshpots and department stores, when we should be tending to the Garden Of Life. Men say they love God so much, but only with their lips; God is far from them. They have turned away from the very reason and instruction; Mother Of All The Living! They demand that one scripture be adhered to, then reject the very Scriptures exposing those who took away many words of truth; what words were always reason, purpose and destiny, embedded ever in the heart of the One, through and by the pursuit of Knowledge & Wisdom.

When I realize sorrow, the arrow that flies by day, has once again caused me distress to the point of anguish, I know I must raise my hands to the Spiritual Sky and hold fast the knowledge I have reached; for this is how faith serves us. It nurtures our confidence in truth, by requiring us to stand with firm confidence before the Truth Of Life, ever reiterating it's import and internal dissemenation, by repeated reinforcement of truth. We must ever remember, that what we learn is part truth and part mystery. So much do we all know, feel and experience, to relive again and again; and yet to relive the moment of perfection, one may only approach that Light, through sincere devotion to Humanity; be it for God as you or I may know him, or unto the glory of a Divine Principle, wherby The Communities Of Light are always established.

Do NOT let anyone tell you there's only One Savior, unless they can show you Father-Mother! For this the Androgyny Of God, is where the One is able to be revealed gender specifically. Hinduism teaches that all women should be considered the Holy Mother; to consider the youthful girl a neice, a sister or a daughter. Consider those of a like age to be mates, friends, peers; and remember to honor the elderly woman as Mother Of The Living. Thus, every Manchild, by the nurturing of his mother, should aspire to be just like the Avatar; loving all, as does the Avatar and being closest to God, that he may put on Divinity and Immortality. The Key Of Life is offered to all of Humanity. If they are seeking truth with sincerity, clarity and honesty, they may walk more and more easily, in spite of the troubles, turmoils, tumults; those arrows that fly by day.