The Word Of The Lord Will Confirm It

The Word Of The Lord will confirm it, what is Messiah, what is Life's Key and what is the Name Of God. Well I would say Gabriel, but he is merely one of the Seven Spirits, accompanying us through time, as we find oneness with Earth. These seeming divided seven forms, hold the very being of the One; that we may discover the Oneness of It, from seven most important aspects.  It could have been Four and it was, it could have been Two, and it was. It could have been Five and it was. Also, The Divine Cause, the One could have been expressed in three and it is, in what is now Six, of Two! Father Mother perpetuates all revelation from the beginning, until the end of Time. Father, Mother, Son is the only human trinity we may know. For us Three, is the Power Of One. For one respecting his father, loves his mother; because his mother is the reason he lives, whereas she lives because of the Virgin Spirit! Hail The Age Of The Matriarch, Llewelyn!

Let them who hold such aggression towards their neighbors break open their Bibles and explain to Me, how is it the Book Of Enoch is quoted in their scripture, but it is NOT scripture. I mean perhaps no longer a perfect scripture, but then there's the rub. Who needs a perfect scripture, when we are hungry to dig up the Word, crying out to us from the ground? It is that the Spirit Of Truth has cried out into many books, episitles, papyrus, inscribed unearthly stone! There are parchments what contain the mysteries of the universe, to be unfolded into the hearts of humanity and verified of the Seven Lords, who are Iou! We are NOT mankind, neither were we created by a God, but rather cleverly fashioned of the very Law Of Life, by our own brothers. We are younger than them by far, but we are the same as them. JUST THE SAME. Take up thus, the Secret Of Secrets!

Everything in the universe, living or inanimate has poles, delineating parameters of it's known specifications. Solid objects, held in place by the balance of the Universe, have not influence over any degree of qualification, useful effects or a personal will to improve themselves, or to somehow change from things; they are merely fixed, to be observed, adored, analyzed, go unnoticed, or just be thrown out onto the waste heap. People are NOT in a fixed state, but in an ever changing one, wherein they always test results, to define the best way to traverse any given instance, within the time space they exist. This space itself is an infinite mystery, neath the greater LIGHT of space from the Supplier above it; that what is infinitely more spatial and mysterious. THAT feeds Mother Earth forever!

As we bear witness of this, we feel the associated interest and delight of knowing that a subtle ether, converts the awareness of Earth even unto us the aware; Humanity! When earth is flourishing, we are flourishing, when she fledgles, we fledgle; yet as she is everstable and everlasting, we thus find unity in the alleviation of the sufferings of one another. For we are that Earth; and forever collectively, One Another. In so putting away the consumption of flesh, must we put away overpopulation, to put on virtue and share it with a remnant of Mankind, who are to be of Humanity's All. All that are lost will be found, all that die, will be reborn, until Humanity's Victory is finally acheived! We need never put away the body!

For as we believed the Lord would raise us from the dead, we found hope in knowing that we would live, yet again and find the ultimate cause in the hereafter, thus must the elect bring about the new world. For the Chosen One does not kill anyone, but he is nonetheless the Anger Of Iouo, the Almighty! He warned men as they slept, not caring what continued consuption of flesh would do to the earth and to the health of all creatures. But we are now new creatures, having put away the love of flesh and put on again, the love of the Spirit, who is forever faithful, ever correct and never ending in compassion and mercy.

Shunned be those who think God cannot forgive a man, especially when they do not seek him, to be forgiven or set onto the right path. It is they who have gone far astray, having not seen that Mankind forced lies upon them, teaching them to love the taste of flesh and the many things of the world at large. May God take what is Good, preserve it and destroy forever, that what showeth not mercy! For the Key Of Life is mercy to the One, who has embraced and shared it with all. The One is in them all; and he is the One, come down to put on the Key and unite with Humanity, in the Garden Forevermore.

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