One Who Takes Life's Key

One who takes the Key Of Life is seated in the Garden Of Life, seeing as he has renounced the patriarchal deceptions of the day and has resolved to let the providence of nature determine the Highest Good, for himself and his fellows. Why would I say this? Because natural selection is best to assert and to see carried out. I wish to grow a garden, live at leisure, smoke my pipe, sing and play my guitar, while daily aligning myself with the Earth Mother; for my betterment and the betterment of all people. The light of natural selection does NOT find us bad, but innately divine, by The Infinite One. We all know this One. Our Heritage is LIGHT, as we may well remember, if we will truly seek to enter into the full rest of wellness, by faith!

And how may I be well? Quite simple, by the Key I become divine, like the Divine; by the right of the human spirit, in the Divine Alone. We may only surrender in faith, singing and hoping to understand this life, unfolded before us; many lives lived out in grattitude, then fulfilled in the promise of eternal life. Receive the Word, whereby you may overcome the entirety of darkness and take up the mantle of salvation, by the worship of Imanuel alone. They who seek to make men worship statues, rather than the son of humanity, these wish to keep "mankind" from being Human! When we are human, we love all, we love education; and we love the nation into which the Almighty has placed us to reside. 

But the LORD has said, that humanity will take up the Wisdom Of The Great ONE, when they are ready for it. There shall be no place for religious distinction, when all life is observed and all peoples are made welcome. There will be acceptance of the miracle of life and greater, the miracle of regeneration. One who aligns his bed north, meditates with focused intent upon the sternum, gradually flowing up through the centers into the Crown Chakra; this one, just being aware and drawing in the Light casts off death. One should also worship the LORD early, in the Dark, so as to draw in the LIGHT, that the very darkness be expelled throught the day. This practice gives eternal uprightness to the one who believes and follows the Light Of Humanity, what LIGHT is in us all!

Lastly, to the one who desires to live on, take up the Key and hold fast, for as long as the Earth holds her uprightness, you too may live on with her forever, only changing when she changes. Being regenerated to exact youthfulness and unending life, let them question Iouo; let them count how many times His Name appears over Yahweh or Jehovah; or how many times IOUEL (Lord God) appears in Hebrew Texts, over Elohim. My hint is in that they have exchanged my name IOUEL, for EVIL! She will come for them blaspheming the beauty of the Spirit, the Light Of Iouo, who is Michael, he the Autogenes; he the Light Of Lights! It is not by some devout commitment, but by pure desire to live on, love and rejoice!