For The Sake Of The Word

For the sake of the Word, clarified in the Light; let Humanity take the Key Of Keys! And let men hold forever fast, to The Remover Of All Sin, Key Of The Magi; so as to stand firm and put on the Voice! The Voice speaks to all who reach for it. Whereas the Light shines on those who hear no voice; IT is the sound they hear in the mind, keeping thoughts positive, to effect gratitude and honor for the Law. For it is in fact the Key Of Wisdom, that is the Law! They who know the importance of the empath, and the burden of the message of the One; they are the Immovable Race! Atlantis stood for a thousand ages, but fell in the end, due to those dark serpents in their ranks! Many follow the Beast and the Idols in the Way TODAY. But the LORD has fulfilled the promise of the Key Of Life, whereby men may finally and fully put on Everlasting Life and see the Day Of Iouo; yea even the Day Of Adonai!

If they choose they may live on and on, even til Earth's End. And all the ends of the Earth will repent before IOUEL, the Mother Of All The Living! They who resist and deny the Holy Spirit will fall down on their faces, only to be reborn into this Day Of The Chosen once more. To reveal the Supreme Race, is to show the truth of what AL has said, certainly not for the glorifying of oneself. The Burden is what glorifies Aadamah, not Aadamah! For it is the Word Of Silence, speaking the Hope of that Day. They who receive the river of life shall find a well, springing up from within them and leading them unto Life Everlasting. So choose TODAY O Man; whether to live on or take Death's Key, to be brought down to Amenti and make restitution, so as to be prepared to be born into the New Age once more!

There is no other path but this, for what the Word hath wrought will always be fulfilled. The Many take away the Books Of Wisdom the World over, seeking to distort education and Truth, so as to bring Humanity down into the Pit of despair and harsh servitude; but God will fix them for their Wickedness against Truth, who has forever failed NONE. She is ALL, but Perpetually battered down like a step child, no one wanted! She will be saved in the Light, that Humanity may freely continue in the Power Of Infinity! She LA, He AL; law in the above and LAW in the below, the One, the All in all. They who will align their beds north and study the Emerald Tablets, may indulge the Eternity they choose. Yet I, Emanuel shall live on and on without end!