I've Come To Speak For God

I've come to speak for God; to take up the Word as the Swan, to separate the milk from its water. Then do I determine what IOUEL, the Holy Spirit has brought forth; to share with you and to bring in the Light, who will NEVER fail you. God is LOVE. Our God Iouel has never failed any of us, we are all Her Children; we are ALL the Children Of The Holy Spirit; even the evil seed of blackness beneath us. And we find recently, that they are in fact beneath us and in the crevices of Earth. In the name of Imanuel, I call on Almighty God to expose the Wicked for the things they hide from us. We need the Key Of Life and Pastors, who are unafraid of the Word, THAT what is Sai, the Infinite All. HE never fails, HE never forgets and HE alone forgives! Understand, no matter who the Avatar, with his ability to be at one with the One; it is the Inexpressible One within us who sets all things right. While localized in one place or another, the All in Us All; HE hears every prayer, every whimper. HE feels the tears flowing down your cheek and when you feel him feel that, you will know that ever were you one with Mother Earth; she ever one with God, SHE fashioned of the LAW, the Only God forevermore; HE the All! Man is a fashioning after the "likeness" of the One, but we know there is NOTHING like the One!

No creature in the universe need feel fear, ever. No matter what happens to any of us, it is the Light inside us, what cannot be destroyed;  it is that what makes us who we really are. We each humbly get to be a Light Of The Light. We should never think about what others do right or wrong, what a sinner is or what the solution is for all the world's problems: crime, hunger, tyranny or the End. For a human soul may only live uprightly, by following the Law and never transgress it. But what IS the LAW; what are the requirements of the LAW? It is certainly that the LAW is perfect and that to weild it without Wisdom is to bring danger to Mother Earth and Her Children. THIS is the Word Of Iouel, who is One with You, one with God and one with All, in the ALL. For is the Word NOT God? Is it NOT both the Above and the Below? How we use the fire of the chalk to pen down our ideals and the benefits of continued adherance to their import. We seek to craft a penmanship what brings joy to the heart, like a letter from the soldier to his loving mother. Let Humanity bring forth the Word, love it, obey it and never betray it; it is the Inexpressible One. God is the One who ever calls us, ever leads us, ever guides our thoughts, that we may learn to LOVE. For LOVE is all that matters. We must love even the unloveable. Forth from the grave shall they shine into new forms, being born again into the Age Of Light, Age Of The Chosen.

Let the masters be shamed for saying, "feed only the deserving". They are those who wish to conserve meat, as the primary nutrient, which is none at all, for they boil the vegetables they eat with it; to make them only soft, to accompany their charred side of beef, which can easily get caught in the teeth and make one sick who eats too much protein with it. It IS the love of flesh which truly offends God the most. If we would just turn and do right before the Lord, we would finally be free to grow our own food, live wherever we need to and never, ever be dependent on money or flesh again, forevermore! Let the Wicked contemplate in their minds; what might it be like to feed the world from ONLY the Garden. Could they ever consider it? They have never stopped serving and satisfying themselves and their jealous egoes long enough to TRULY think about it. Even if they did, they'd have to convince all the other flesh loving, pig eating oligarch liars in the world, to "STOP feeding flesh to Humanty!" "MANKIND IS YOUR LIE, Humanity is My Child!", says the One, says the Almighty, now and forever!