Give Your Life To God

We are all fragile, but God is the strength of morality, integrity, virtue and honesty! We needn't fear fools like Nick Fuentes, blaspheming the virtues of IOUEL. We knew these sinners would come; the Masters preserved the integrity of inspiration through subtle and symbolic gesture; such as would only be recognized by ones who sought the truth, in spite of the errors and the deliberate destruction of knowledge they saw. Those who love God still believe in loving their neigbors, in spite of how they may treat them. So when we see men attacking others in Jesus Name, we know they have backslidden from the House Of The Guardian, turning from Osiris to dark men, with dark directives, of blackened hearts.

All those religious who still love flesh, have turned from the Word and sought to cover up the loving Spirit Of God, who teaches gentleness and the renunciation of flesh eating to the Children Of Earth; those who are humble and patiently awaiting the promises of The Master from nation unto nation. God hears them, regardless of the lies forced on the whole of humanity. Those who find the Key Of Life will live on. They will ignore the lies of the initiates, who conceal the better parts of The Word. In order that they may enrich themselves, each by a false version of God, they say one thing or another, but always with the better part of the Avatar taken fully away. Hereby they draw the veil of night over Humanity's Eyes!

I have appeared in the valley of angels, the serpent to the east of the Garden, as the scripture foretold; and yet because the Word was abandoned, the translation of Enoch is somewhat distorted, that the Sun Of Righteousness be left obscure and hidden from this generation of sinners. I think if they knew me, they would come after me and bring an end to my mission; that of removing the veil forever and ever. We are not animals and we will not live like them; else ours would be the way of all the earth, without God or Guidance. He needs no book, only the verification of his loving spirit, abiding in our healthy associations one with another, but in the Name Of Iouel. True Scripture is to be reborn from that place alone.

Those who are chosen will follow naturally, as we who are Chosen await them, knowing they will choose the Word, not shortened books with the slight of man and dogmatic manipulations for the controlling of "mankind", by the Spirits Of The Giants. These Gods pretend to be God, but are only the twisted distortions of man and his selfish desire for flesh and power and wealth. I will knock them down forever saith the Almighty. I will not tolerate the Wicked crushing the gentle and the beautiful under their smelly distgusting feet. I will destroy the Wicked; yea all those forcing shortened versions of My Truth upon humanity. "I will destroy them for this", says the Almighty, forevermore!