Be Not Slaves to Bloodlust

Be not slaves to bloodlust! Yes, that's a bible admonition; and it's why every time a Christian eats at the Outback Steak House, he specifically says, "This is utterly sinful". To require a processed animal for each of three meals per day, will destroy the world, over and over again. All the Messiahs may only be a type of the Messiah, who requires humans to resist the consumption of flesh. 'Love not the flesh' and 'touch not the unclean thing'. The Lord has made it clear to the Wise, but the Brothers Of Blackness relented forever, what blackness is not of the night, but another! Do not ask the vices of darkness to get into the melting pot; their very elements seeking to spoil the soup. They cannot obey law, without the constant rod of chastisement. They cannot tell the truth, because their lies are rooted in carnal interests of the IDOL, source of death to all life in the universe. 

Such souls are maleable and easily made to obey the whims of the Archon, the "Annunaki" from the place so far, yet so close. They come from Agartha to America, while Amenti is the place of willingness inside of Earth. There they know the River Of Life in full, they live in the place of the Blue Lit Temple, what place we ought to seek in the Astral; by the Word Of The Master! For with the Key Of Life, was born the Key Of Death, wherein we are given a death of brightness, beauty and endless life. When you finish with your selfless duties on this Earth, give yourself to the East, well up the force from within and await the moment of separation, sweeping the seat of consciousness to the medulla, where the Light is born and from where it LIGHTS the mind of the God. Your Silvery Spirit will sail forth toward the Light; and all the memories of life and times of joy, will be taken with you, allowing you to take your spiritual form forever, to the Infinite Task.

YOU are the God! You must lift your eyes to the LIGHT and obey the Unction what never fails to give the fullness of truth to the faithful initiate! The Initiate Of Iouo cannot stumble; for the LORD will lift him to the place Joy & Bliss, given as an evidence that IOUO (the LORD) is the name of Most High Ruler Of Israel. For that GOD will have Mercy upon whom "HE WILL" and Humanity will receive Life's Key. His Name, IOUO has been concealed, that he be separate from THE lies of idols. For to all, there is only One Ruler, who from the very Highest Place, where there is Life Infinite and the Spirits live by the very Key, He Alone is MASTER! In that Formless state, they can never die; for they live at one with the Ether, what holds all things in place, across the entirety of the Universe!