Pigeradamis Is The Only Judge

I am Paul Francis Germana, Adams. I identify the name of the humble initiate and householder to my mother's mother, in order to clarify that I am in the Chosen One. Those who love the things of the flesh, requiring the lives of three animals a day; these refuse to move forward, when called by the Lord. They stay in the devils' house, listening to the lies of the carnal, neath power of the Brothers Of Darkness. These men are regarded as helpful in the degree that they will obey the Mother Of All The Living! IOUEL. Those who deny Her, the Spirit as their Mother, deny the Word Of The Lord.

She is Light, She is Life and the Lightbearer. She is always surrounded by the ways of understanding, for that one who sought to make her an agent of evil, irredeemable before Imanuel. They who do NOT understand that The Almighty is Iouo, (You O) They do not know where the grace of God comes from, they merely fall down before the Lord and never take root, being given over to the Order Of Yaldabaoth. This cult of death assures rebirth; but it is not the doing of those who seek to teach, rather Mirotheos! He promised the Mother Of All, "Atonement has been made for all, from before the beginning of time."

The One is Aadamah, The Atman at the mercy of the Nature Of Iouel, the Spirit Of Life. The Chosen One appeared in the valley of angels, having been brought unto the depths, down into the variable of chaos and destruction; to see through the veil and read the message, or the scroll. The Key Of Life is what I bring; and those who do not receive it will perish, to be born again after the removal of this era. Humanity is moving forward and nothing may keep them back from the Holy Spirit living inside their hearts.

Yet the Chosen One has the elect living in his heart, for they are to be born into his age and they will receive the Key Of Life, being washed in the waters of cleansing and made perfectly clean in  the sight of the Holy Mother, IOUEL. She loved the Almighty first and she loves Imanuel more than all others do. When they rejected the Child Of Humanity, they rejected Iouo, The God Of Israel. She alone is Iouelle, one with the ALL in All. She is Law! She is the Word and the everlasting love of the Virgin Spirit, Imanuel! She protected Iouo, while the devil sought to bury him in shame.