Iouel Is Our God

Let all of the books be opened, so Humanity may see the fullness of AIOUO (or The LORD); even so the WORD in our hearts, bearing witness by the Holy Spirit. Men don't like admitting that The LORD OUR GOD is Father-Mother, denying Iouel The Inspiration Of ALL Scriptures, refusing to acknowledge and reveal sealed up books. Albeit if we wish to know Him who is Source, only sing the glorious name of IOUO and hold fast His Sacred Name Of IO! For we reveal that HE named the Stars Of Heaven; IO, the moon of Jupiter named for Ju-pater, or Father Jah! For to see the Sacred Name requires our understanding of the Adamic Language and it's phonetic pronunciations of YHWH.

The Name Of The Lord, IOUO is the highest name of the Master Of Heaven, who has watched over us in this life. None can deny The Spirit and the influence of Love and Mercy, which this Ruler has kindly brought into all of our lives. Love is actually pronounced IOUO; it's a scholarly variant of the name Iouo, as the name Jupiter shortens Jove to Ju, to say Great Father, JUPITER! The moon closest to HIM is IO; this is the most true spelling and pronunciation of JAH, signifying the bloodline of the Anointed Elect, which can never be found out by the Wicked. We should sing this name everyday like this:


And Unto The Anointed:

"Iouel Iouel Iouel Iouel"

The Key Of Life has been given to us in the Hermetic Writ, as handed to the Ancients, making one aware of the Inner Star, who may be lifted to uprightness and Perfection Of Balance. Those who admit shame for wrong doing know that we are all responsible for how we respond to the conditions of life, regardless of race or creed. In spite of persecutions, failures, weaknesses or shortcomings we must all learn to be grateful for life, to grow with Creation. The Key Of Wisdom opens the way for an aspirant, as to what practices they are to carry out, in the search for the ultimate goal; Eternal Life!